GM Instrument gauge cluster repair kit 4 stepper motors x27 168 EASY DO YOURSELF for Sale

Price: $20

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It's easy
If any of your gauge needles are sticking, shuttering, giving false readings or pegging out - defective factory steppers are the epidemic cause and this is your fix.
To repair speedometer, tachometer, fuel, temp, oil or any other gauges
CLICK HERE if you need a kit with 6 stepper motors Lifetime warranty on the stepper motors
Avoid the white MCR steppers, the black china made motors, and imitations. There are sellers telling "they found their products are superior to Juken/switec' --these people are scammers and are not in the repair industry (I can safely tell this, because it's true). NO reputable repair industry or car manufacturer uses those inferior/failure prone knock-off steppers. Juken/switec is the original manufacture supplier of steppers for ALL automotive makers and all (including delphi) re-manufacturing plants.

What you'll get...
- Four (4) new x27.168 stepper motors The latest updated version. To repair up to 4 malfunctioning gauges.
CLICK HERE if you need a kit with 6 stepper motors
- One new soldering iron. The correct temp and tip for this repair. You'll see how easy soldering is with the correct materials & instructions.
Soldering irons are color coded for specific use.. (there are sellers who copied our kits, but are selling the wrong soldering irons, that can cause problems and ruin your circuit board -- see below)
Blue = correct tip temp for circuit board work
Black = Tip temp too high for circuit board work --for hobby and craft. Can ruin a delicate circuit board
Green = Tip temp too high for circuit board work --for soldering heavy metals, like silver (for stain glass frames). Will ruin a delicate circuit board
- One new desolder pump (aluminum anti-static).
- 16 inches of soldering wire Kester brand. Plenty to replace all motors and bulbs
- Eleven cluster lamps/mini bulbs. (pictured in image below) The correct amp draw and voltage. Others are selling generic "grain of wheat" type that are wrong for the application, either too dim or bright, will sometimes flicker and will have a short life.
- Instructions w/ full color pictures. Teaches the amateur how to repair their own instrument cluster.
- Not pictured in opening picture, but the kit does come with gauge removal tool (see second picture)
Fast Shipping...
Your kit will ship the same or following day of payment received. In most instances, packages going to US locations will be delivered in 3 business days. (HI, PR, AK, APO and FPO times in transit will be considerably longer, as will international packages shipped outside of the US)
The advantages of this kit...
-You save money -lots. Dealerships are charging between $400 and $700 to do this repair.
-Your car won't be down while you're waiting for the dealership or someone else to do this easy fix.
-You won't need to ship your cluster across the country, risking damage in transit. Removing the cluster is most of the work, don't pay someone else to do the easier part of the repair.

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