GM Climate Control Bulb to Blue LED DIY Upgrade Kit 03 04 05 06 Silverado Sierra for Sale

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Blue LED GM Climate Control DIY Repair Kit. The kit comes with all of the blue LED'syou need to update the lighting in yourclimate control, detailed instructions with pictures and a tech support if you need help.
Kit is compatible with both manual(up & down slider) climate controls and digital climate controls.
The Climate Control Module is NOT INCLUDED. The main picture is for display only.These LED's were specifically designed for GM Climate Controls and do not require a resistor as they are built-in. These are high quality 12-14 volt LED's, not the ones that require a cheap resistor and tedious soldering.These LED's will dim up and down just like normal bulbs.The cube-shaped LED emits light 360° in every direction and provide even light distribution. It's simple to solder these surface-mount devices to the circuit board in your climate control once it's removed from the vehicle.You will need to desolder your stock incandescent bulbs and solder these on the circuit board. Installation time is about 1 hour.
Please note: Climate controls with the manual up & down sliders may need special attention. Some black knobs on the up & down sliders are pressed onto teeth during production. If you cannot remove them easily, a small Dremel or cutting tool will remove them. Do NOT pull them too hard as you will cause damage. The GM Part # is 9369572. We have them in our store. They are item number 282396200842Our Gauge RepairOnalaska Wisconsin

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