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This is NOT a FAKE R-12 "alternative" it is the REAL DEAL! It's the R-12 of your dreams! make your vintage auto shoot out freezing cold, so cold that you have to tell passengers (wife) to bring a coat so they do not freeze!!! When I'm driving on the freeway in the summer, my hand gets so cold its hard to take off the steering wheel sometimes. At night i have to turn it all the way down so i don't freeze to death. My late 80's Chevy loves this stuff. It works so much better than R134a.
The product in the can weighs between 280-380g each (9.87-13.40 oz).Random cans i weighed have been right around 13.9oz including the can. The weights can vary.
These say "F12" on them, that is just another term for R12. Don't worry, this is the real deal R12, This product is made using the original formula for R-12, CCl2F2 - Dichlorodifluoromethane and it works perfectly because it is genuine R-12 (Refrigerant 12, CFC12, ETC).xxxTo see all the refrigerant products we carry,please click the following link:A/C Refrigerant Products
If you would like to purchase a Tap with a Hose, please click the link:Tap & Hose
If you would like to purchase a Tap without a Hose, please click the link:Tap (Without Hose)
xxxThese cans use a screw on tap & the threads are an obsolete European size. I do carry the correct screw on tap, (info below) but I have used the side tap before with good results.You can also use the top clamp style tap without threads, if you have a good gasket & do not over tighten it.
This listing is for 1 single can. buy as many as you want & i will ship them all for the simple price of free!Here are the & Government rules:
You must be EPA certified, or you must be purchasing the refrigerant for resale to an EPA certified technician and that it will be installed by one.Your purchase constitutes your electronic signature and agreement to aoffere by all the & Government Rules.we can only ship this product ground mail.

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