Fox Bypass Piggy Back Shocks 2.5 16" Travel Deaver Ranger Rail Giant Piggyback for Sale

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Up for sale, one pair of Fox 2.5 double bypass (2 tube) shocks, 16" travel. I got these lightly used, for a project that I recently realized I am not going to ever finish. They were on the back of a sand rail for a short time, the lower eyelets are faded (sandblasted) from running in the desert. They also have some marks on them from mounting. The shocks are in great used shape, no leaks,they were not used a lot by the previous owner. The shaftsare perfect, the bodies are undamaged. The heims arenice and tight.These are 16" travel shocks, 42.43" extended length and 26.5" collapsed, with a 7/8" shaft. 1 rebound tube and 1 compression tube. They have 1/2" id heims for a1/2" mounting bolt. I would prefer to ship these without a nitrogen charge so I can collapse them for a smaller box. The price is for the pair shipped charged, I will refund $15 if I can remove the nitrogen and collapse them for shipping.

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