Ford Ranger - 1995 - Ignition Lock & Door Lock Cylinder Set w/ 2 New Keys for Sale

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New Ford Ignition Lock cylinder and two Door Lock Cylinders with two New Keys, Chrome.This is for Ford Ranger, year 1995Over time your locks wear out and your keys stop working. Tired of having to wiggle your keys to get them to work? It's time replace it with a new lock!This ignition and door lock set is already assembled and ready to be installed with two keys. Most car keys wear out first and thus cause the locks cylinder to wear out to. Now you have new keys and a new ignition lock!This is a new lock from the same company that made them for Ford Motor Co. This is not a knock-off from China. Made by HURD LOCK Company. Hurd makes locks for Ford and in turn makes them for Motorcraft, that is why our locks are cheaper in price, but not in is Rocket-Keys?. We are not your ordinary seller!1) We ship every business day.
2) We ship YOUR order the same day up until 6:30pm EST.
3) We package your items with double bubble wrap, even if it doesn't need it. We want it to get to you in the condition it was meant too.
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5) We do this for a living - it's not a hobby - we know what we sell.
6 We don't sell junk. Let us if there is a problem with your order, we can help. Thanks!

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