Ford Pinto, Torino, Galaxie, LTD, Falcon, Maverick +++ door glass window channel for Sale

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Do your windows rattle around or are you getting leaks around the door windows? We may have the solution for you, this is an8 foot rollof cut to fit window channel(cut to fit) that fits most ford 2 and 4 door sedans (it is not used on hardtops or convertibles)from 1965-1975 including the Pinto, Maverick, Fairlane, LTD, Torino, Custom, Custom 500 as well as others. We do not know how much window channel you will need for your car, you will need to measure your car to see how many rolls you will need, we can only get it in an 8 foot roll so that is how we sell it. Thewindow channelstake a lot of abuse from the weather and they will shrink and get hard as they age and before you know it thewindows don'tseal right, you can get water leaks and noise from the air blowing in.The window channel has the flocking (the fuzzy stuff) and the proper ridges on the back side to hold it in the frame, you just have to cut it to fit. This8 foot roll of window channelis an excellent reproduction of the originaland will fit great.

This window channel also fits many 1976 and later cars, the only difference is that starting in 1976 Ford used a slightly thinner glass in the side windows so this window channel doesn't grip the window as tight. The difference is minimal and many of our customer have used it on the 1976 and newer cars with great results.

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