Ford Edge Explorer Mercury Lincoln Fuel Gas Filler Funnel Adapter Tube OEM NEW for Sale

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BRAND NEW & FORD GENUINEGas / Fuel Filler Funnel*Fits Virtually ANY Vehicle Produced Between 2008-2013*

Genuine Ford Part new OEM fuel filler funnel that is a direct factory replacement for all the vehicles V8 24V OHV
2009-2013|Ford|Expedition::5.4L V8 24V OHV
2011-2013|Ford|Fiesta::16L 16V DOHC EFI ZETEC E
2010-2013|Ford|Fusion::2.5L 16V GAS/ELEC HYBRID
2010-2013|Ford|Fusion::2.5L I-4 16V DOHC EFI
2010-2013|Ford|Fusion::3.0L V6 24V DOHC EFI DURATEC
2010-2013|Ford|Fusion::3.5L DOHC VCT
2010-2013|Mercury|Milan::2.5L 16V GAS/ELEC HYBRID
2010-2013|Mercury|Milan::2.5L I-4 16V DOHC EFI
2010-2013|Mercury|Milan::3.0L V6 24V DOHC EFI DOHC VCT
2010-2013|Lincoln|Zephyr::2.5L 16V GAS/ELEC I-4 16V DOHC EFI
2010-2013|Lincoln|Zephyr::3.0L V6 24V DOHC EFI DOHC VCT
2010-2013|Lincoln|MKZ::2.5L 16V GAS/ELEC HYBRID
2010-2013|Lincoln|MKZ::2.5L I-4 16V DOHC EFI
2010-2013|Lincoln|MKZ::3.0L V6 24V DOHC EFI DURATEC
2010-2013|Lincoln|MKZ::3.5L DOHC VCT
2012-2013|Ford|Focus::2.0L 16V DOHC EFI
2010-2013|Ford|F150::6.2L V8 2V DOHC
2011-2013|Ford|F150::5.0L V8 32V DOHC EFI MODULAR
2009-2010|Ford|F150::4.6L V8 16V SOHC MODULAR
2009-2010|Ford|F150::5.4L V8 24V OHV
2011-2013|Ford|F150::3.5L DOHC 4V TURBO
2011-2013|Ford|F150::3.7L DOHC 4V V6 EFI
2009-2010|Ford|F150::4.6L V8 24V SOHC EFI
2010-2013|Lincoln|Mark LT::6.2L V8 2V DOHC
2011-2013|Lincoln|Mark LT::5.0L V8 32V DOHC EFI MODULAR
2009-2010|Lincoln|Mark LT::4.6L V8 16V SOHC MODULAR
2009-2010|Lincoln|Mark LT::5.4L V8 24V OHV
2011-2013|Lincoln|Mark LT::3.5L DOHC 4V TURBO
2011-2013|Lincoln|Mark LT::3.7L DOHC 4V V6 EFI
2009-2010|Lincoln|Mark LT::4.6L V8 24V SOHC EFI
2009-2013|Lincoln|MKS::3.7L DOHC 4V V6 EFI
2010-2013|Lincoln|MKS::3.5L DOHC 4V TURBO
2009-2013|Ford|Escape::3.0L V6 24V DOHC EFI DURATEC
2009-2013|Ford|Escape::2.5L 16V GAS/ELEC HYBRID
2009-2013|Ford|Escape::2.5L I-4 16V DOHC EFI
2009-2013|Mercury|Mariner::3.0L V6 24V DOHC EFI 16V GAS/ELEC I-4 16V DOHC EFI
2010-2013|Ford|Flex::3.5L DOHC 4V TURBO
2009-2013|Ford|Flex::3.5L DOHC VCT
2010-2013|Lincoln|MKT::3.5L DOHC 4V TURBO
2010-2013|Lincoln|MKT::3.7L DOHC 4V V6 EFI
2010-2013|Ford|Taurus::3.5L DOHC VCT
2010-2013|Ford|Taurus::3.5L DOHC 4V TURBO
2012-2013|Ford|Edge::2.0L DOHC 16V DI Valencia
2011-2013|Ford|Edge::3.5L DOHC VCT
2011-2013|Ford|Edge::3.7L DOHC 4V V6 EFI
2012-2013|Lincoln|MKX::2.0L DOHC 16V DI Valencia
2011-2013|Lincoln|MKX::3.5L DOHC VCT
2011-2013|Lincoln|MKX::3.7L DOHC 4V V6 EFI
2008-2010|Ford|Explorer::4.6L V8 24V SOHC EFI
2008-2010|Ford|Explorer::4.0L V6 12V SOHC V8 24V SOHC V6 12V SOHC EFI
2012-2013|Ford|Explorer::2.0L DOHC 16V DI Valencia
2013|Ford|Explorer::3.7L DOHC 4V V6 EFI
2011-2013|Ford|Explorer::3.5L DOHC VCT
2010-2013|Ford|Mustang::5.4L V8 32V DOHC SC MODULAR
2010|Ford|Mustang::4.6L V8 24V SOHC EFI
2010|Ford|Mustang::4.0L V6 12V SOHC EFI
2011-2013|Ford|Mustang::3.7L DOHC 4V V6 EFI
2011-2013|Ford|Mustang::5.0L V8 32V DOHC EFI

If you are not sure if this will fit your vehicle then please send us your VIN # (Vehicle Identification Number) so we can verify this prior to you ordering

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