Ford Festiva Aspire Five Speed Manual Transmission Good For all Years for Sale

Price: $200

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Will fit all Festivas. This one is out of a 1993 that was on the road until recently. Was taken of the road due to rust issues, running gear was fine.

When I removed transmission it appeared someone pried out the driver's cv-shaft carelessly. There are a couple gouge marks and worse, there is a small hole. Now this was covered up with a sealant of some sort. There was no leak, but I removed the material so I could see the what was under the sealant.

I have an Aspire 5 speed transmission that is currently in a car that is one the road. I am willing to either sell this tranny at a good discount, or sell the Aspire tranny at regular price and I will install this one and use it for myself.

Listing selling price is for the damaged Festiva 5 speed. I would want $500.00 for the Aspire tranny with no damage.

The only difference between the 2 transmission is the front mounting plate. One has 3 bolts while the other has 4. Also the location is offset a little. However, it only takes minor modification to the mounting bracket in order to use either transmission.

I put down local pick up because it would take me more than a day to remove the Aspire tranny, in case someone wanted that instead of the Festiva one.

I am willing to ship.

Parting out this car, please e-mail me with inquiries.

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