Ford Falcon ANTENNA 1961 1962 1963 1964 1965 1966 1967 for Sale

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  • fits 1961 thru 1970

  • Replace your Broken or Missing Antenna on your CLASSIC / ANTIQUE VEHICLE with this 3 Section Telescoping STAINLESS STEEL Antenna. Save $$$ over NOS. Antenna Mast easily unscrews so you can put on a car cover or take your car to the car wash!!

  • Comes with all mounting hardware including a 0 to 35 degree mounting head. Antenna is 15 inches tall in the RETRACTED position, and can be extended to 39 inches. Maximum mounting hole 1.25 inches, minimum mounting hole is .50 inches.

  • Installation is very simple--All you have to do is remove your current antenna--unscrew one or two mounting bolts in the (Trunk or Front Fender) where your antenna is currently mounted. Also in the same area, unplug antenna from radio cable and/or Power Source. Finally unscrew top of antenna base by using a pair of narrow head pliers. These are needed to put into the two holes at base of antenna and twist off, it's that easy.

  • This TELESCOPING ANTENNA KIT comes with 4 foot radio cable (In most cases there will be no need to rewire back to the radio since this antenna plugs into your existing antenna cable) and mounting washer so there are no leaks into your vehicle when you cover up the existing hole.

  • See our store for more Classic Antenna Solutions.

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