Ford F150 / F250 / F350 / Expedition Sunroof Repair Kit for Sale

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2000-2010 FordF150 -F250 - F350 - Expedition Sunroof Repair Kit

Also Fits 2000-2010 Lincoln Navigator - Lincoln Mark LT

Save hundreds over the cost of a complete replacement sunroof assembly by repairing your broken assembly. Our repair kit includes replacement sunroof lift arms, cambrackets and rear drain trough guide brackets. This repair kit replaces all the moving parts of the sunroof except the motor, cables and rear drain trough which very rarely fail. The headliner & sunroof assembly must be removed from the vehicle to install the replacement parts. Installation instructions are included.

Repair kit fits all 2000-2010 Ford F150/F250/F350 Extended Cab and Crew Cab models with a factory installed sunroof. Also fits all 2000-2010 Lincoln Navigator and Lincoln Mark LT models with factory installed sunroofs.

Please note: These parts will not work for 1997-1999 models. We currently do not have repair kit components available for 1997-1999 model year sunroofs.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How difficult is it to remove my headliner?

A: Headliner removal requires removing the sun visors, map light console, dome light and upper trim around headliner perimeter. The headliner is attached to the bottom of the sunroof assembly with velcro. The headliner then slides out of the rear tailgate on Expedition and Navigator. The headliner is removed out of one of the rear doors on Supercrew and Supercab pickups.

Q: Does my sunroof have drain lines?

A: Yes. The sunroof has 4 rubber drain lines, one on each corner. The drain lines fit onto the assembly by compression. Pull off drain lines prior to removing assembly.

Q: How is the sunroof assembly attached to my roof?

A: The assembly is attached with 8 10mm nuts.

Q. What tools are required to install the repair kit components?

A. The rear ends caps are secured to the sunroof assembly with 3-3/16" aluminum rivets each. (This procedure is done on the workbench) A drill with a 3/16" drill bit are required to remove the end caps. A pop rivet tool is required to reattach the end caps once the repair kit components have been installed. The replacement rivets are included in the repair kit.

Q: Is your staff available if I have any questions during the repair process?

A: Yes, we are open 8:30-5:00 central time Monday-Friday for technical assistance.

Q: Do your repair kits have a warranty?

A: Yes, our repair kit components have a one year warranty.

Q: I need this repair kit, but I would prefer to have it professionally installed. How do I locate a local sunroof repair shop?

A: Go to Enter your city and state or zip code. Enter "Automobile Sunroofs" in thecategory box. You should have several local installation options.

Q: How long should this repair take?

A: Most shops will bill you for 4 hours labor to install the repair kit.:

Q: How long will it take to receive my repair kit?

A: We ship from our southwest Missouri warehouse. A UPS ground time in transit map is below. UPS makes deliveries Monday-Friday. We also offer US Priority Mail which is normally delivered in 2-3 business days.

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