Ford 3G Alternator Conversion Harness Connector 1 wire Mustang and other Fords for Sale

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Our harness has the correct color wires (green, yellow and white), that match your factory harness wire colors. Another seller is selling these harnesses, except his harness uses a denso connector from a Lexus, with the wrong color wires, and he's using with Fords. That's not correct.100% NEW
3G wiring harness
with both/all the connectors in the harness.
This harness allows a Ford 3G alternator to be used in a 65-93 Mustang, or any other app where you're replacing a 1st gen or 2nd gen alternator with a 3G.-Eliminates the factory external regulator, using the internal regulator of the 3G.
-Only requires one wire splice (a switched hot wire), then to run a heavy gauge wire (not included) from the alternator to battery.
-Illustrated instructions included (please tell your model year at purchase)PICTURE #2
is for illustration only, to show what the wiring will look like on the alternator. The alternator and 4 gauge charge wire are not included. The wiring will involve only running the green wire to a switched hot (hot in run), then running a 4 gauge charge wire (not included) from battery positive to the alternator charge post as shown

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