Fit 01-02 Kia Rio 1.5L A5D Head Gasket Set Bolts Intake Exhaust Valves Silicone for Sale

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Brand New Head Gasket Set, Head Bolts, and Intake Exhaust Valves for:

2001-2002 KIA RIO 1.5L 1493CC L4 DOHC, (16 VALVE), ENG. CODE "A5D"

Part Numbers
HS6029, HB6029
IV6029 (8)
EV6029 (8)

This Item Includes:

+ Graphite head gasket
+ Intake manifold gasket
+ Exhaust manifold gasket
+ Valve cover gasket
+ Viton valve stem seals
+ Camshaft front
+ O-rings
+ Other Small Gaskets
+ 10 Head Bolts
+ Gasket Silicone Sealant
+ 8 intake valves - w/ 1 keeper groove type
+ 8 exhaust valves - w/ 1 keeper groove type

Note: Please refer to the listing pictures for an accurate description of the parts included in the kit.

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