Fiberglass Running Boards, Chevy GMC Chevrolet g van for Sale

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Fiberglass Running Boards

We term these as "Seconds" and will explain in detail in text

Chevy / GMC Van - full size 95 and older G van

This means 1971 to 1995 only

Standard or Short wheelbase

This means 125" or 110" wheelbase

Not for vans with sliding side door

This does notinclude Express or SavannaVans which are 1996 and newer.

What is a "second"?

This is a term that we use to describe our previously painted, and or minor cosmeticly flawedrunning boards that we sell at a huge discount over the cost of new fiberglass running boards to buyers looking to save money, and after all, thats what we all want to do.

A second,was a new fiberglass running board that may or may nothave been installed momentarily, but had a flaw and was removed by a manufacturer or custom converter. Sometimes there was a paint flaw, a pinhole in the fiberglass, sometimes it was due to poor color match, and in most cases, the custom van manufacturer went out of business and we purchased their entire inventory. All have been moved around a few times and have scratches andor paint flaws. You will have to paint them to match your truck or van so this should be no big deal.Be assured,We will not sell a cracked or broken running board as a second, we consider those junk. In some sort of legality sense all of our "seconds' must be considered as used, but none have ever been driven down the road while attached to a van.

More info......

In the glory days of vans, which ended about 8-10 yrs ago, There were almost 400 custom van companies who where converting 1000's of vans every day. Some of the larger companies like long gone Tiara were converting 500 + vans per week alone. That is an amazing amout for what is basically a bunch of hand made parts.

So back to the running boards.

When vans were being made on an assembly line at the rate of 100 per day or so, if a running board was installed and a flaw was found, it was simply removed, another painted running boardwas installed and the flawed running board was set aside and sold to people like myself.

Likewise, when the van companies went bankrupt - which basically all but three that I know of did, the entire inventory of parts was sold off to people like me, so that is where I get 1000's of what I call "seconds" running boards.

What is included?

  • Two running boards L and R
  • New edge trim in black or black and chrome, your choice. (a rolled item in the third photo)
  • New brackets and a hardware kit (self tapping screws and bolts for the brackets) This is the third photo
  • New step plating for 3 steps ( this is a rubber/plastic item ) also in the third photo

The photos are of typical sets of seconds that we have sold to customers. These are for standared wheelbase Chevrolet or GMC vans, we also have sets for the "shorty" short wheelbase Chevrolet or GMC vans so you will have to specify the wheelbase of your van.

If you have an 8 lug long wheelbase van, you cannot use running boards. Running boards were never made for 8 lug long wheelbase vans. Only for Chevrolet /GMC vans that are 125" or 110" wheelbase.

If your van has a sliding side door, you cannot mount running boards - no way no how. Sliding side doors will smash into the RR running board when you try to open the door. Yes in the 70's there was a product called a door extender. Yes I used to sell them. All door extenders fell off and broke. No one makes a door extender anymore - THANK GOD!

The two different pictures that I am showing are merely to show what you will get but are typical of what we sell on a daily basis. These are not the boards that you will recieve. We sell 100's of running boards per month and there is now way that I can photo each and every set. I do not have specific colors, color matched sets, etc. Please,do not ask for colors. I do not have any sets in colors. ALLOF MY RUNNING BOARDS NEED TO BE REPAINTEDdue to many many scratches from handling and stacking. Some of my boards haverubber step plates and trim installed, others are just bare fiberglass. Eachand every one are different but almost all paint shops will remove the step plates and trimin order to sand and paint these so really, this should be no big deal. All running boards as with all custom parts, are hand made by men and thus are never perfect items. We have sold and or installed 10's of thousands of these and will gladly answer any question that you have as to installing these. Running boards are installed with self tapping/drilling screws.

None of our running boards are road used, we do not sell road used running boards. We only sell boards that we purchase from manufacturers, never junk yard crap. We have been in the running board business since its inception in the late 70's and have sold and installed thousands of running boards, both new and seconds. We supply car dealers, body shops, custom shops, insurance compaines and anyone who wants to put on a set of running boards, even if its in your driveway. We sell running boards every day and have for years. If a running board can still be had, we probably have it or know where to get it.

If you prefer to purchase NEW running boards, yes we stock and sell them every day, unfortunatly the once numerous manufacturers are now down to 4-5 small shops who are now ceasing production of these items at a daily basis - thus I cannot advertise the new sets since I never know when the next supply shop will be closed up. NEW running boards are substantially more money.

If you only need ONE running board, sure we will gladly set up a sale for you and sell you one side. Unfortunatly, there were close to 40 styles made for Chevies and we have to see a pic of the good side to let you know it is still available.95% of the companies that made old Chevrolet running boards have either ceased production or have been out of business for a decade. Due to the scarcity of some of these items, we cannot quote a price for a single running board unless we seea picture. Just email us a pic and we'll gladly let you know.

We only sell running boards in Wyatt, IN

Our Chicago, Il store has beenclosed


SR 331

Wyatt, IN 46595

Thursday - Friday 10-5

Saturday 10-1


Shipping - or lack of......

Due to the enormous size of this item, we cannot possibly offer a cost effective way to ship these items. therefore, we can only offer local pick up. We do have two locations, Chicago Il 60629 and Wyatt, IN 46595 and we will as always, assist you in loading any items that you purchase. Due to the physical distance between our two stores, not all items are at both locations, therefore you may have to wait 3-5 days for our truck to ship the items between the locations to be ready for local pick up. We do not charge a local pick up fee as some sellers do. The price that you offer and pay, is the price that you pay, no silly hidden fees.

More on shipping - Please Read

Running boardsare HUGE, LONG items -as long as a van which is 18 feet or so.Running boards cannot be shipped via UPS or US Postal with two stamps. Trucking companies are the only option and trucking companies wantrunningboards to be in a box, a box that costs $80 alone, plus their shipping fees which would be $250 to $500 depending on where you are. So, sorry, when the shipping costs are more than my item, There is simply no way that I can logically ship these. Too may bad experiences through the years with amaturers who have no business installing hand made parts and wanted to return them because of advice from their wife, child, dog or simple incompetence.


Sorry about the rudeness of this but every week I get two emails asking about shipping.

What part about NO SHIPPING is so hard to understand?

NO SHIPPING, Pick up only

This means that I will not and do not ship these.

No way, no how.



Your satisfaction is out #1 not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns all sales are considered final.

No refunds or exchanges are accepted, shipping fees and return shipping fees are non refundable. No exeptions

Bardans Custom will not be held liable for any incidental or consequential damages related to use or misuse of this item under any circumstances We sell used and overstock merchandise and cannot make any guarantees on the equipment or merchandise sold


All items must be paid for within 10 days

We naturally accept pay pal, its the way.

All local pick up sales will be charged the local sales tax. we after all are a store and there is no getting around the tax man. Wyatt is 6%


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