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Exhaust Wrap Roll (2 IN.x 50 FT. - BLACK with Locking Ties)

BasicThermal Insulation Material

The first step in controlling excessive under-hood temperatures.Exhaust wraps aredesigned to keep heat in the exhaust and limit it inside the engine compartment. Wrapping headers will reduce under-hood temperatures by up to 50% while providing additional horsepower, engine protection and passenger comfort.

  • Heat protection up to 1000°F degrees

  • Made from industrial compounds

A fiberglass composite material wrap, rated to perform attemperatures of up to 1000°F.

Locking ties are included!
- 2 14" Stainless Steel Ties
- 4 8" Stainless Steel Ties


There are many types of heat wrap here on . We see some really good stuff and some real junk. To compete against the low cost leaders we offer a full line of insulating wraps. There is a difference in them and all wrap is not created equal.

THE GOOD - Current Item
The exhaust wrap in this sale is “The Good” it is a basic fiberglass exhaust wrap that has an operating temp up to the 1,000 degree F mark. It can take some intermittent temps higher than that but how often do exhaust temperatures fluxuate? They get to point and stay there. Again to help this exhaust wrap last we strongly recommend using the silicone spray coating to seal the wrap. Wear gloves when wrapping to avoid ichy hands and it helps to wet the exhaust wrap first. Final note: wrapping pipes is a difficult job you do not want to have to re-do it any time soon. Take your time and do it right the first time with the proper exhaust wrap for your application.

THE BETTER - Premium Wrap
If the exhaust wrap is not one of the brand leaders (DEI, Thermotech, Heat Shield) then the exhaust wrap has probably not been treated to increase the insulating capabilities. You will notice that the big companies do not offer a white exhaust wrap. This is because when the exhaust wrap is treated it turns more tan or brown it can also be died black at this time but the color is typically not as vivid black. The black color can be intensified with the use of the silicone spraycoating. This exhaust wrap is good to around 1500 degrees F realistically. This exhaust wrap will work for most applications. It is still a fiberglass based product so wear gloves and wet the exhaust wrap. When the exhaust wrap is dry, saturate it with the silicone coating.
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THE BEST - Titanium Wrap
The reason we offer DEI exhaust wraps is because of this product. The Titanium exhaust wrap is awesome. They solved a lot of issue that arise from exhaust wraps with this product. It is not a fiberglass based product but rather made from a pumice. Where fiberglass comes from sand this comes from volcanic rock. The Titanium exhaust wrap is easy to wrap, there is no need to wear gloves and you do not need to seal it with the silicone spray…plus it looks sweet! Like carbon fiber. It will handle 2000 degrees all day long and will remain flexible while maintaining its cool looks. Yes, it costs more but the best stuff always does.
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No matter which wrap you choose it will smoke when you start the engine while the wrap burnishes. The Titanium wrap smokes very little compared to the fiberglass based wraps. You will want good ventilation while this occurs.

If you are not sure which wrap is right for you simply drop us a line and we will help educate you on the wrap that makes sense for your application.

Exhaust Wrap Measurement Chart Guide: Inches used per linear foot of pipe Tube Dia. 1" Wrap 2" Wrap 1-3/8" 70" per foot 30" per foot 1-1/2" 76" per foot 33" per foot 1-5/8" 82" per foot 35" per foot 1-3/4" 88" per foot 38" per foot 1-7/8" 95" per foot 41" per foot 2" 101" per foot 44" per foot 2-1/8" 108" per foot 46" per foot 2-1/4" 113" per foot 49" per foot 2-1/2" 125" per foot 52" per foot 3" 136" per foot 60" per foot Include an additional 8" of wrap per bend on 2" width wrap or 13" when using 1" width wrap (bends increase surface area).


Exhaust Wrap Installation Instructions

  1. Soak exhaust wrap in a bucket of tap water for 30-45 seconds or until exhaust wrap becomes pliable. Ring out excess water from the exhaust wrap.
  2. Begin wrapping and secure exhaustwrap at starting point with stainless steel tie. Overlap exhaust wrap ¼”. Note: Bends will require a larger overlap to cleanly wrap around the distance of the bend.
  3. Secure exhaust wrap with stainless steel tie at the end of pipe being wrapped.

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