EQUUS Wheels Plain Chrome Wheel Center Cap # YM-706-CAP for Sale

Price: $130

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EQUUS wheels 7-1/8" chrome no "nameplate" wheel center cap

1 single center cap, not a set.

Make sure to match the part number off backside of your other remaining center cap as it prevents errors.

Part # YM-706-CAP (Unknown cap part #)

EQ 706 Blue Tag (Thats Equus part #)

1 single NEW center cap sells @ $129.99 at buy it now plus shipping and handling costs.

No scratches, puuurrrfffeeecctt :)

IF THE PART NUMBER OR MEASUREMENT ON THIS ITEM IS NOT THE SAME AS THE ONE YOU NEED IT MAY NOT WORK ON YOUR CAR. Buyer is FULLY RESPONSIBLE for ensuring fitment on their vehicle's wheelbefore purchase. Eachsingle year or brand of vechile has many different types of wheels in different sizes or configurations whether its OEM or after-market type.

Has a key hole, lock-in bolt not included. A matching bolt could be found at ACE Hardware store.

1 in stock, don't ask for more.

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