E85 Flex Fuel Sensor Mount Bypass KIT SOLID BILLET 6AN 8AN Splitter GM AEM for Sale

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Upgrade your fuel system to E85 the right way and without any compromise in fuel supply when installing an e85 flex fuel sensor!
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Introducing the 40T-Performance E85 Sensor Bypass Module!
Engineered and tested in the USA.This Flex Fuel sensor bypass module is:Cost Effective - Cheaper and less hassle than piecing together a handful of parts and fittingsEasy to install-very quick assembly - no need to mess with the hassle of assembling fittings or finnicky hose ends.Clean Install - Attractive, compact, high quality CNC component that can easily be mounted anywhere in the engine baySafe! - double o-ring seals on the sensor, 4 bolt housing robustly keeps the module bolted together, safe from the risk of fuel leaks and sensor damage from bending when compared topiecing together a handful of parts and fittings. Avoid the risk of engine fire!
This e85 flex fuel sensor housing will allow you to take full advantage of running e85 fuel without any compromise to fuel flow. It does this by creating a parallel dual path for the fuel and completely eliminating the restriction from the e85 internal sensor components. The 2 pathways: First, the straight through and second, the parallel "bypass" pathway for the flex fuel sensor allowing it to read the e85 content in the fuel. See photos for more details.
With e85 having lower chemical energy, it will require about 30% more fuel volume to flow through the fuel feed lines to the fuel rails. The motor wants MORE fuel not a more restrictive fuel feed by installing an e85 flex fuel sensor directly in-line on to the stock fuel line. This is especially critical when installing the flex fuel sensor on the feed size of the fuel system.
For the skeptics that a flex fuel sensor is not a restriction - see the cross-section of e85 sensor internal parts - yes, this does limit fuel flow significantly, especially when running a tune with higher boost and an increase of fuel compounded with 30% of fuel flow required to run e85. See photos
Compatibility:Works with most types of e85 sensors with tube diameter of9.5mm and end-to-end length of 95mmThis includes the GM 13577429, GM 13577379, Continental, VDO, AEM 30-2200, Innovate 3907*Compatibility with Haltech HT-011000 not verified
Installation:This sensor bypass module can be installed in a few different ways. On the feed side or return side. Basically, anywhere that's convenient on the feed side of the fuel system, between the fuel pump and the fuel rail. It is ideal to install the flex fuel sensor on the feed to give the ecu the most accurate e85 content reading. The downside of installing a flex fuel sensor on the return side is that sensor reading applies to the fuel that is leaving the engine. Example is, filling up e85 after having regular pump gas in the tank, the e85 has not mixed yet and the flex fuel sensor on the return still thinks there is regular pump gas. This will run the motor lean until the sensor catches up.For direct injection DI and non-return fuel systems, there is no option but to install on the feed side. When doing this, the sensor housing can be used as an in-line unit for single rail 4 cylinder or 6 cylinder engines, or even V engines. However, for V engines it is ideal to utilize the E85 Sensor Bypass Module as a splitter to run parallel to each rail instead of in series which is known to improve fuel starvation to the second rail in series. An example is using a 6AN or 8AN feed into the bypass module and split to dual 6AN out. This can support 1000HP on full e85. This feature eliminates the need for extra fittings and installation.The bypass module's housing has 4 threaded holes for use of a custom bracket if you decide to make one. (bracket not included)All fittings and hardware necessary to do any of the configurations mentioned are included in the kit.Assembly instructions are included.
Features:6061 T-6 Billet Aluminum constructionDouble o-ring seals for leak free operation8AN ORB in / out with supplied adapters for 6AN and 8AN lines6AN ORB lower ports can be used as a splitter feed for dual bank v6/v8/v10+ engines. Includes (2) both plugs and (1) 6AN adapter as a splitterCan be installed on the feed side of the fuel rail or the return side
Whats Included:(1) Bypass Module - 6061 T-6 CNC Machined and Anodized(2) 8AN ORB to 8AN flare fittings(2) 8AN ORB to 6AN flare fittings(2) 6AN ORB Plugs(4) Buna-N O-rings for sensor seal, Ethanol Safe(1) Buna-N O-ring for housing body seal(4) M4x30 bolts for bolting housing body together(4) M5x8 bolts and stainless steel washers for bracket mounting(2) Allen keys for assembly(1) Spare o-ring and hardware pack**Does not include flex fuel sensor or bracket*If there are any issues with the quality or craftsmanship of this product we will be happy to take care of any issues. Contact 40Tperformance with any questions, always happy to help out in any way!Same day processingFree 1-3 day USPS Priority mail! Limited time new release pricing!Expedited shipping availableShipping worldwide

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