E55 AMG Phenolic Supercharger Spacers M113K Performance Mercedes Benz Surge tank for Sale

Price: $120.00

100% Made in the USA M113KPhenolic Supercharger Spacer Kitfor your AMG. PrecisionLaser cut for perfect fitment. Phenolicspacers have been known reduce Intake air tempatures and increase HP by eliminatingmetal on metal contact that causes heat soak. This is a perfect modification if you are installing an 82mm throttle body, Porting your Supercharger, addingpowder-coatedValve covers & surge tanks, or just looking to increase your AMGs performance.
*This listing is for the Upper supercharger gaskets
These Spacers do NOT require factory Gaskets like other spacers on the market, These ARE the gaskets.
Thermalnator is a unique high temperature shielding gasket which replaces the stock intake manifold gasket. Thermalnator?۪s cooling properties reduce heat by stopping metal to metal contact between the intake manifold and the engine block. By using a Thermalnator gasket, you will reduce the heat of the air entering your engine, making up to 5% more power. Thermalnator gaskets allow the intake manifold to perform like an intercooler. Because the manifold is no longer heated by the cylinder head, the heat from incoming air can dissipate through the aluminum very rapidly. The basic formula for this is for every 5 degrees F increase in intake air temp, air density is reduced by 1%. The denser the air is, the better the gain in horsepower.
Average testing has shown an 25 degrees F drop and up to 35 degrees in some applications. This is why a Thermalnator gasket is an excellent upgrade for your vehicle if it\'s stock or modified.
Fits all M113K Engines

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