DynoTune Nitrous Oxide Purge kit system NEW NOS NX style nitrous purge kit for Sale

Price: $89.00

This auction is for one NEW DynoTune Nitrous purge system.

Checkout the video of the Dyno Nitrous Purge system:
To see the Dynotune Purge in Action click here
The DynoTune nitrous Purge kit is the most powerful purge system available! This Purge System bleeds the air from the Nitrous main feed line while also sending a plume of Nitrous high into the air. You need to eliminate this air from the system to eliminate off the line bogging or potential backfires.

Purging your nitrous system before using it will dramatically decrease your ET.

It comes with the standard feed line 4AN adaptor input and is compatible with all nitrous systems. It is brand new and comes with complete instructions.

This Purge system is made of superior components including a stainless steel high flow Nitrous solenoid (175HP), 4AN adaptor, fittings, Momentary switch, tie wraps, and enough Purge tubing to mount it just about any location.

Why pay more for inferior components, maybe that’s why so many people are making the switch to DynoTune Brand Nitrous equipment.

The Kit contains the following:

  • High Flow Nitrous Solenoid

  • Adaptor to attach to your system

  • 5 Feet of purge line

  • Tie wraps and redMomentary switch

  • Instructions

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