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Doug Thorley Headers - Exhaust Headers for Toyota Tundra 4.7L V8 - THY-508-C for Sale

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Doug Thorley Headers - Exhaust Headers for Toyota Tundra 4.7L V8 - THY-508-C

Price: $545

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Doug Thorley HeadersCeramic Coated HeadersPart NumberTHY-508-C
2000-2004 Toyota Tundra 4.7L 2/4WD
Description:It's a proven, indisputable fact: Dollar for dollar, no other investment will increase power and performance like a set of Doug Thorley Headers!
Doug Thorley Headers THY-508-C shortie headers deliver the ultimate in performance and gas mileage for your 2000-2004 Toyota Tundra. Shortie headers are designed to replace the factory stock exhaust manifolds with a performance component that flows much better than stock. That better exhaust flow produces noticable gains in horsepower and torque output, while increasing fuel efficiency. The headers are manufactured using heavy duty 14GA steel tubing, and super flat 3/8 inch head flanges. They are then silver ceramic coated inside and out, which looks great, drastically reduces under-hood temperatures, and creates a strong barrier to protect the headers from the environment.
APPLICATION SPECIFICS: 2000-2004 Toyota Tundra / 4.7L V8, 2/4WD.
Made in the USA
About Doug Thorley Headersas we near our 50th anniversary, our executive staff is extremely proud to announce that doug thorley headers has amassed our greatest team ever. from our r& d department, engeering staff, marketing, sales staff, to our production team and shipping department.
in the last year, our customer base has grown by leaps and bounds. while we remain world famous for the invention of the tri-y header and ease of installation, we have continued to expand our product line to include the latest models. in addition, we are introducing our new line of hdx –series of headers. these headers are super heavy duty and specifically designed for those who have motor homes, trucks and off road vehicles that are susceptible to extreme conditions. also, we now produce and sell the finest sanrail header-exhaust that’s available anywhere.
we are still a 100% american made product, which is produced at our factory in corona, california. our goal, as ever, is the maximizing of torque and horsepower gains and we will continue this time honored tradition as we move into the future. all of us at doug thorley headers thank all of our customers for your continued support over the years and for recognizing that our headers and exhaust systems, dollar for dollar, are the very best value in the industry.
our staff of 130 people have a long history of working at our company. we must be doing something item is sold by Meezer GroupA Nevada based corporation,with distribution warehouses in Nevada, and FloridaDomestic ShippingFREE Fast ShippingExpedited Two-Day ShippingGet It Fast One-Day ShippingInternational ShippingExpress - 7 to 14 Group is a Doug Thorley Headers authorized dealerWe stock more Doug Thorley Headers parts than we offer on , if you don't see what you are looking for, please contact USUSA Toll Free 866-808-5407International out myother items!
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