Dodge Viper Wheels Oem !!!!!READ DISCRIPTION!!!!!! for Sale

Price: $1800.0

BUYER PAYS SHIPPING. Dodge Viper Wheels Oem. All the wheels have been all cleaned up, detailed, and polished, 2 wheels are straight and perfect with light scratches, and the other 2 have some curb rash which are very detailed in the pictures all the wheels are shown in the pictures clearly 3 have tires and they are good, have good amount of tread and tires have a little bit of cracking but not much could still be used and they all hold air and don't have any leaks, wheels look very nice. The 2 fronts are 18x10 and the rears are 19x13 285 40 18 and the rears are 345 30 19 but one of the rears is missing a tire. 1,800. BUYER PAYS SHIPPING.

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