Dodge Ram SRT 10 Style Hood Ram Air 2002-2008 And 2003-2009 HD RK Sport 21012000 for Sale

Price: $710

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The perfect blend of form and function. Your Ram never looked better and it will feel better too with a functional scoop that delivers fresh, cool air directly over the factory air box for increased airflow and performance. Crafted from hi-temp, hand laid fiberglass for exceptional strength and durability. Installation is straightforward using the stock hardware.

(Hood includes the mesh grille for opening as shown)

** Dealerships,clubs,organizations: We can ship additional hoods for no extra freight cost if shipped together.

All RK Sport hoods are hand laid fiberglass and use stock hardware for easy of installation.

- Replace your stock hood with a more stylish functional ram air hood.

- Besides the added cool looks, they have cool function in directing outside air to your air filter increasing performance!

Genuine RK Sport Hood! Made in the USA! By one of the very best!
Here at Brody Dog Auto, we do not sell cheap low end hoods! Or headaches you could call them! Over the years we have dealt with many manufactures & weeded out the bad ones. We have seen and heard it all. Nobody likes a headache & were not going to sell you one!It is constructed from hand-laid fiberglass and high quality "ISO" resin.
Installs using stock hardware. Comes Gel Coated Gray ready to prep, prime and paint.
Made in USA Material: Fiberglass. Uses OEM hardware and StrutsEach hood comes with a one year warranty.HOOD CONSTRUCTION;

Many of our ram air hoods are constructed of hand-laid fiberglass, using high quality "ISO resin" to give you the best possible quality in a fiberglass hood. It comes with a smooth gel-coat finish, on both top and underside surfaces.
All hinge and latch mountings are reinforced with steel plates. All bolt holes are pre-drilled and tapped for easy installation. To install these hoods, all you need to do is transfer your stock hardware onto it and bolt it on to the factory hinges for final alignment.
ISO resins are a higher quality, low shrink resin that allows the part to withstand more heat and prevent distortion.
Q 1: Will water get into my intake with your ram air hood?
A. Our hoods have a built-in water management system to prevent water from getting in. To date, we have not had a complaint of water getting into an intake. Q 2: What should I do if your product comes damaged?
A. Even though we package our products very well, occasionally the freight carrier will damage our product. In that case, refuse the shipment and do not sign for it. It is expressly recommended that the package be opened and inspected immediately upon receipt, even if the box looks undamaged.
CAUTION!!! If you sign off with the freight carrier on a damaged product, they will not honor any freight damage claim at a later date and you will be held responsible.CAUTION!!! If you are having someone besides yourself receiving your package you must make it clear to them that they are not to sign off with the freight carrier until they have inspected the product and found it to be ok. If you have to refuse our product because it was damaged, simply call us and we will send you out another one ASAP. If you or someone else signs off on a damaged product, we will not be held responsible. You must refuse it!Q 4: Should I prefit your products before I have them painted?
A. Yes, it is highly recommended that any hood be prefit before it is painted. This is especially true with fiberglass parts. If you are not the original owner it is possible that the vehicle was in a previous accident, which could effect how our product fits you vehicle. Even new vehicles are not all assembled exactly the same. Sometimes you have to readjust your fenders and do other minor adjustments to make everything right.

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