DYNOBOOST PERFORMANCE CHIP Daewoo Lacetti Leganza Nexia for Sale

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No CEL (Check Engine Light) or MIL errors!

Dyno-BOOST performance chip will supply modified signals to your car's ECU. The ECU then adjusts air/fuel ratio and secondarily timing advance curves to new performance settings, in addition this MAGNUM upgrade does have an absolutely outstanding O2 sensor control circuit integrated into the unit for those editions having oxygen sensor.

This performance chip tricks the ECU thinking the intake air much more cooler, then the ECU will send more fuel for a richer mix besides the state of the art oxygen sensor control circuit incorporated, blocks restrictions applied by the ECU.

If after the mofication of the air fuel ratio, the O2 sensor delivered the ECU a realistic fuel rich signal, significant HP-gain couldn't be achieved.
Dyno-Boost performance chip fools the oxygen sensor(s) in order to avoid fuel rich signal delivered by the oxygen sensor accordingly ECU will approve the new injection timing altered by Dyno-Boost performance chip.

There is no risk of any damage to the engine or electrical parts since the modified sensor signal will always remain within the manufacturer's recommended specifications. The unit works in conjunction with your car's ECU and will not affect engine reliability at all. This worldwide unique Performance Chip Module can even quickly be switched, removed or re-installed at any time.

In case of decats, modified exhaust or headers if check engine light is triggered, required to wire up a CEL fix module to the post sensor(s) in order to cancel ECU safe / limp mode. In safe mode ECU will disregard any fooling signal applied on the engine sensors.


Dyno-BOOST performance chip is a strictly engineered unit and outperforms other mods.


Claims stated in this sale are warranted by
Magnum Tuning™.


If no voltage applied on the chip, engine runs in factory mode. After 12V power applied, you can adjust the air fuel ratio with the help of a simple multi-turn potentiometer. Shipped chips are adjusted to factory mode, turn the potentiometer screw clockwise - right to gain more power.

Click to enlarge! More than 1 million Magnum ECU solutions have been sold or locally installed in the past years, each specific unit is tested or fully evaluated by professional tuners.

Vehicle Specific Dyno Sheet Sample


Magnum Tuning has been dealing with manufacture of ECU upgrades and performance parts since 1994. Our experience warrants peak performance, reliability & perfect style.

MAGNUM Tuning Engineering was founded in 1994 in Europe - Hungary. Under the same ownership for 15 years, we have continued to provide the finest performance upgrades on the market. We maintain unique performance parts department in Florida with more than 1,000,000 parts in stock! Backed by our full inventory, efficient factory and our experience in development we strive to offer the highest quality in the business. Every Magnum performance chip and part delivers peak performance, reliability & perfect style. Parts made in Europe under serious quality control. Each unit is tested and inspected before shipping. Patented performance chips.


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  • 15 % + HP
  • 15 % + Torque
  • 30 % + acceleration
  • improved fuel mileage by 6%
  • higher top end speed if no factory speed governor or rev limiter
  • diminished flat spots
  • improved throttle response
  • no risk of engine damage
  • Power status LED
Switch available - not included Workmanship stainless chrome polished body with transparent cast epoxy Installation easy, no special tools, skill required Wiring
  • inline with IAT sensor
  • spliced to O2 sensor (if any) signal wire
  • ignition +/- 12V
Full Model range
  • aspirated non-turbo engines
  • turbo engines
  • supercharged engines
  • petrol engines
  • diesel engines
  • LPG engines
with factory ECU Required skill


  • localization of IAT and O2 (if any) sensor
  • basic electronic contacting of wires and terminal
Warranty 10 years


  • Performance chip module
  • 2 x bullet connector
  • 2 x Scotch lock
  • installation guide
  • 2 x retaining bolt
  • 2 x self locking nut


Installation is easy and universal for each model. Our easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions will allow you to get your module installed in about 15 minutes, even if you don't have any mechanical experience. Should you still come across any wiring problem after purchase feel free to contact our 7-day Tech Support via emails or visit our help center on our web site. 5 trained Magnum representative is looking forward to responding to your inquiry.

Easy steps

  1. Locate the IAT (Intake Air Temperature) sensor in the intake.
  2. Cut its signal wire and contact° the purple wires to the two ends. Direction does not matter.
  3. Find the oxygen sensor(s) in the exhaust.°°
  4. Broach the sensor's signal wire°°° according to the following wiring table and contact there the blue cables.
  5. Contact the red cable of doubled wire to the ignition battery + 12V, and the black thread to the ground or battery negative.

° For contact you might use the supplied terminals or solder the wires in place.
°° By models where more than 1 oxygen sensor is working, contact the blue wires to the rear sensor(s) as shown on the draw below.
If after the catalytic converter you find one sensor only, contact only one blue wire and do not apply the other.
If there is two sensor installed in left and right bank, use both blue wires.
°°° If you solder the wires in place by o2 sensor harness, Hydrochloric acid recommended due to plated threads.


Always insulate contacts!

COLOR MATCHING on 1,2,3,4-wire O2 sensors

WIRES of O2 SENSOR STOCK ACTION STOCK ACTION STOCK ACTION STOCK ACTION signal blue contact here white contact here green contact here black contact here ground white ----- green ----- yellow ----- grey ----- heater black ----- black ----- black ----- white ----- heater black ----- black ----- black ----- white -----

COLOR MATCHING on rare 5 wire / wideband O2 sensors

WIRES of O2 SENSOR STOCK CHIP STOCK CHIP signal in1 red ----- blue ----- signal out black contact here black contact here sign in2 yellow ----- white ----- heater- white ----- grey ----- heater+ grey ----- yellow -----


    1. Turn on the ignition key and red status LED will start to illuminate.
    2. Start the engine, warm it and let it run at idle speed.
    3. Turn the screw slowly clockwise (right), pumping the gas pedal after each quarter turn.
    4. Continue the adjustment until the engine starts to hesitate or misfire.
    5. Turn the potentiometer screw slowly counterclockwise (left) until flat spot - misfiring vanishes.
    6. Turning the screw left means less, right means more power.

    Reset and restart: 30 turns counterclockwise - left on the screw.

Alternative Adjustment Tip

Start the adjustment with quarter turns. After each turn test throttle response and acceleration.
Some ECU's restrict the AFR in a certain range and you cannot expect hesitation or flat spot.
This method is a little bit slow but can help to allocate the optimal point. Too rich mixture will not result better performance.

Reset and restart: Dial 30 full turns on the screw counterclockwise - left.
When unit does not receive +/- 12V power, the unit is in factory mode. After feeding 12V, you can adjust fuel injection with the help of the screw.


This performance chip module is compatible with most popular and general performance upgrades such as cold air intakes, forced induction kits, exhaust, and ignition systems, racing plugs, pulley kits, grounding kits, etc.

Magnum Tuning has been dealing with manufacture of performance upgrades since 1994. Our experience warrants peak performance, reliability & perfect style. Parts are made in Europe & covered by 10-YEAR WARRANTY. Not quite sure this ECU chip fits your needs? Magnum Professional TECH SUPPORT will review your requirements & advise you professionally.


After installation of Magnum Dyno-BOOST the engine will run harsh. HP and Nm data will be upgraded. Since the air/fuel ratio on injected up-to-date vehicles is controlled by the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) and most factory ECU's are set to maintain a lean 14.7:1 or leaner air/fuel ratio; this is known as a stoichiometric fuel mix, operator is unable to adjust this ratio manually or mechanically as on early carbureted models.

This incapability is resulting in performance loss because of the serious environment protection regulations the manufacturers must comply with.

Dyno-Boost performance chip is supposed to perform this AFR modification accordingly we gain explosive extra power, better fuel mileage and more effective combustion.

Magnum Dyno-BOOST increases the engine performance by adjusting AFR between 12.7 and 14.7, the utmost performance oriented fuel curves.

This unit is controlling injection in multiple ways.
First, it modifies signals being read by the ECU, resulting adjustment to the AFR, from the second hand it monitors the signal of O2 sensor and creates intervention into its signal, accordingly the chip module does not let the ECU limit our modified setting of air/fuel ratio.

BENEFITS easy installation never will damage the engine crisp acceleration peak performance manufacturer's sale ideal to all EFI engines vehicle specific item guide included affordable price turbo, non-T applications works in conjunction w/ other upgrades full application list enhanced top end speed 10-year factory warranty fine throttle response stainless steel base complies with all ECU's

Dyno-BOOST Performance Chip Control Module was developed and is produced by Magnum Tuning only.

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