DORMAN Exhaust Manifold Stud SET - FITS Nissan VG30 Z31 300ZX & Turbo for Sale

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<img Replacement Exhaust Manifold Stud & Nut Set
Unfortunately, one of the more aggrivating issues of fixing and modifying the SOHC (single cam) VG30 engine can be dealing with stripped and broken exhaust manifold studs.
Whether you are adding turbo exhaust manifolds, or just replacing a manifold gasket to your 1984-89 300ZXor simply changing an exhaust manifold gasket on your VG30 powered Maxima, Hardbody, 200SX or Pathfinder,switching out your worn manifold studs and nuts is a worthwhile investment.
Our brand new Exhaust Manifold Stud Kit comes withtwelve (12) replacement exhuast manifold studs (M8x1.25)and twelve (12) replacement nuts,and are manufactured by DORMAN,the leading source of quality aftermarket replacement parts in America.
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