DOMED Ford 8.2in F250 SUPER DUTY emblem overlay BLUE/CH for Sale

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WE DO OFFER THESE IN OTHER COLORS AND SIZES- JUST ASK! (But this sale is only for a blue/chrome overlay as pictured above!)


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5) I bought a grill AND a tailgate overlay...but the email says just the grill one was shipped!!!!!!!!!!!!1 'supwiDAT??
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9) Can I get this in pink but with black text and in a different size and with the font called "Sofaking Cool"??
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Check these out, FORD SUPER DUTY owners!! This sale is for ONE (1) DOMED emblem overlay, just like in the pics above. This will ONLY fit the following:

-2005-2010 Super Duty GRILL emblems
-2008-2011 Super Duty tailgate emblems (
-If you have 2011-12 Super Duty, you will need a 12in overlay for your grill emblem)

"Bright Blue" and "chrome", these domed emblem overlays look great on just about ANY smooth surface! Please be sure they will fit your vehicle before buying! Any questions, please ask!

These are domed, vinyl *OVERLAYS* that are designed to install over your factory Ford emblems- the factory emblems are NOT included- sorry!

If you want decals that really POP!- then you should insist on DOMED decals! "Domed" (or "gel-coated") decals are VERY THICK, UV stable, polyurethane coated decals that will last for YEARS and YEARS without ever turning yellow (like epoxy does) or cracking! MUCH more durable than your typical FLAT decal, too- you will be amazed at the difference! Wouldn't you prefer to spend your hard-earned money on something that will LAST?? Of course you would!! That's why you need DOMED decals!!

The overlay will come pre-masked with clear transfer tape for easy positioning. Very detailed installation instructions will be included- but it's really just a "peel-n-stick" process...(*we highly recommend a WET installation though*)- "it ain't rocket surgery!"

Shipping/handling is FREEEEEEEEE! They will be sent USPS First Class Mail with delivery confirmation. Sorry, but we no longer ship internationally (US ONLY). We don't just throw these decals in an envelope and slap a $.44 stamp on them!! They will be packaged in a heavy weight mailer envelope AND sandwiched between two layers of thick Coroplast®! These babies won't show up damaged!!

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