DODGE CHALLENGER SRT8 Windshield decals for Sale

Price: $15

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Сomplete consists of 1DODGE CHALLENGER SRT8 Windshield decals
Each decal is approx. 5 x 30 inches
We are located in Europe, so delivery takes about 15 working days.If you want tracking number,please add $3USD for registered mail.For U.S. buyers we used USPS


  • What mail classes and services can be sent as Registered Mail?
  • Registered Mail is available only for First-Class Mail®, First-Class Package Service, or Priority Mail® (excluding Critical Mail) service items that are mailable

  • What is the estimateddeliverytime for Registered Mail?
  • Due to the higher level of security placedonthis class, it is possible that the Registered Mail process could slow the speed at which a mailpiece travels.

  • What are the characteristics of Registered Mail?
    • The most secure United States Postal Service® mail (protected by safes, cages, sealed containers, locks and keys).
    • Requires a signature will providedeliverystatus or attempteddeliverystatus when the item reaches its destination, it will not provide tracking of the item as it is enroute to its destination.
      • Customers can obtain a record of delivery by purchasingReturn Receipt Service.
    • Registered Mail can be sent to military locations. However,deliveryinformation is not available for items destined to an APO / FPO.
    • A system of receipts is provided to monitor movement of mail from the point of acceptance todelivery. Access to these receipts is not readily accessible and can only be done by initiating a claim form (not a phone service).
    • ID numbers typically begin with two letters ("R" followed by another letter) followed by nine numbers and the letters "US", for example: RA 000 000 000 US, the ID number can be located in the upper left-hand corner of the receipt.
We recommend registered mail for India,Brazil, Russia buyers.

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