Crager SS Wheels Rims Uni-Lug 4 X 4 1/4 4 1/2 4.25 4.50 4.100 Mustang Monza Vega for Sale

Price: $400

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Im selling my Uni-lug Cragar SS Rims off my Mustang Cobra II, Looks like Rims fit may different cars, But im not sure, I do know they will fit 4 X 4 1/4 4 1/2 4.25 4.50 4.100 Lug patters and all 4 have a 3-3/8" Backspace, back of rim to center of hub.
2 front Rims are 13 X 5.5 and 2 Back are 13 X 7. Comes with all Lugs and Uni-lug Washers, I did see that you can buy replacement Uni-lug Washers now and Center Cap for these Rims, here on . I didn't wast any time
with tring to hide the surface rust, Rims are old i cant remember a time these where not on the car when dad bought it new, so 77 i would say, i was 5 or 6yr old. I know there are products that will clean that rust up, I also hear of ppl Clear Coating them or getting them Powder Coated witch i was thinking of doing in Black. I put pics with rims on the mustang maybe to help get you a idea what they would look like on your car. I will be selling 2 of the tires on different sale.
ThxBolt Pattern Conversions mm inches 4-100 4x3.94 5-100 5x3.94 4-108 4x4.25 5-108 5x4.25 4-110 4x4.33 5-110 5x4.33 5-112 5x4.41 4-114.3 4x4.5 5-114.3 5x4.5 6-114.3 6x4.5 5-115 5x4.52 5-120 5x4.72 5-120.7 5x4.75 5-127 5x5 6-127 6x5 5-130 5x5.12 5-135 5x5.3 6-135 6x5.3 5-139.7 5x5.5 6-139.7 6x5.5 8-165.1 8x6.5 8-170 8x6.69 bold = common reference

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