Complete Fuel Injection for OPEL 1.9L engines (GT, Manta, Etc..) for Sale

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Complete kit to put fuel injection on any Opel 1.9L engine. I've owned many opels, (3) GTs and (2) mantas. I loved them all for different reasons. However, I REALLY REALLY liked my 75 Manta! This car had Bosch L-Jetronic Fuel injection. The motor ran MINT! Best of any opel I owned. Best yet, No tuning carbs! (I'm from the fuel injection era) The car had an accident and was mostly parted out 10 years ago. I've held on to some items I wanted to keep, but my treasure is the fuel injection system from this car. I allways planned on getting another manta or GT and installing this setup.

The fuel injection was robust and could account for modest variations in motor power/wear. However if you want to build a real race engine, this setup could easily be adapted to haltech, electromotive or other aftermarket injection system. And it wouldn't be a hack job! Ever want a turbo OPEL? This manifold id for you. Many many possibilites!

Alas while I am posting this truly rare treasure I am not fully committed to giving up this dream. Therefore my price is high... I'm not sure how many 75 mantas were imported in 1975 (Note European manta's did not have injection on the MANTA A, only GT/GTE modelshad injection in 1975)So there can't be that many of theseleft. And probably the only other complete set with manuals is on a includes:

Complete Fuel injection manifold with injectors fuel pressure regulator, throttle position sensor

Service manual for LJetronic jection

Aircleaner box and filter

Mass air meter

Air Intake hose

Fuel pump

Bosch fuel injetion computer

Fuel injection manifold

Fuel injection upper radiator manifold

Ignition car pictured not part of sale.

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