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ProRacing® Performance Tuning Chip Box UNICATE
forBMW 330d E46 184 204 HP Power increase: up to 25% Torque increase: up to 25% Reducing fuel consumption: up to -20% Engine protection function
  • Power source: 5VDC
  • Main Procesor: PIC24FJ64GA704
    Producer: Microchip Technology
  • CPU type: 16-bit, Extreme Low Power CMOS
    CPU speed: up to 16 MIPS
    Memory: 64 kB ECC Flash, 16kB RAM
    CPU voltage: 3.3V
  • Operating temperatures: from -40 up to +85°C
  • External memory: EEPROM
    Memory capacity: 2kbit
    Interface: SPI
  • Memory organization: 256x8bit
    Operational frequency: 10MHz
    Acces time: 5ms
    Memory voltage: 3.3V
  • Made in Europe/Poland
  • Two years warranty

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ProRacing® Chip Box UNICATE

UNICATE is the newest solution that brings spectacular results of performance of your car!

ProRacing® Chip Box UNICATE is a modern and technically advanced device programmed to cooperate with Diesel Engines powered by Common rail injection system. It’s equipped with LED displays and control panel (keys to programming) which let user to individually programming of device. The set consist wires with OEM plugs dedicated to specific car to fast and simple installation in Plug&Play way.

Get ready for:

1. The power increase up to 25%
2. The torque increase up to 25%
3. Reducing fuel consumption up to -20%

The set consist:
● PowerBox ProRacing® UNICATE in waterproof case
● Precisely guide (manual) (pictures and description)
● Wires with fixed plugs – easy to connect Plug&Play
● Guide with precise instructions how to set the device
● Originally designed cover box with carbon fiber pattern
● Mounting bands

What UNICATE Chip Box gives to user:
● Increase power up to 25%
● Increase torque up to 25%
● Decrease of fuel consumption - 20 %
● Noticeably increase of acceleration
● Removing of turbo lag
● Increase of efficency od dynamics in a whole range of engine RPM
● Faster response of the car to the accelerator pedal
● The ability of tuning in individual way
● Cooperation with DPF, EGR (it not causes over smokiness)

Multi-map "16" technology – the device is equipped with individual map dedicated to specific car.
After ordering, you'll need to give the details of your car. For proper map preparation, which will be uploaded to the chip, we need to know the year and mileage of the car as well as all additional informations and/or sugesstions. After connecting the device you can open the case and using '+' and '–' control buttons you can set required map individually to your specific needs – there are 16 power increasing maps to choose from, which can be seen on the LED display. All necessary steps are described in manual in an easy to understand and intuitive way.
In opinion of our satisfied customers Unicate is the best ultimate Power Box device on the market.

Device description

ProRacing® UNICATE offers 16 modes of increasing power and torque , every requested mode could be chossen by setting through pressing the buttons located on PCB under LED display, those modes let the user to choose the most convienient map on user’s demand.

Each of modes offers different chracteristics of increase torque, power increase and save fuel level. Those advanced options let the user to find performance settings working on high parameters and settings to daily use and additionally user can set map to maximise economy by reducing fuel consumption. Every needed steps to perform are precisely described in guide.

Depends on user’s choice is able to drive more dynamically during short drives in urban cycle or mixed cycle or noticeably econonomical during the long journeys on motorways. Power increase torque increase and reducing the consumption depends on working power of car, engine displacement capacity and technical condition of car.

Devices of ProRacing® UNICATE series such us UNICATE and UNICATE XT are unique on the market equipeed with nanocoated housing that repels dirt, and what's very important that their construction is waterproof in accordance with the IP64 norm. In housing are mounted many protective seals – under 24 pin plug, between parts of case and individual seals under every screw. All this protection give to user hermetically closed case which cover high quality PCB with fast processor and flash memory.

Why does our ProRacing® UNICATE is one of the best on the market?

● High quality 24 pin connector withseal and locking mechanism.
● Individually programmed chip.
● Waterproof case covered by nano coating which let to avoid sticky dirt and dust with compliances with IP64 norm.
● Sealed screws.
● High quality LED displays.
● Fast ECU and efficient FLASH memory.
● Assembly proces is certified by IPC.
● Best quality and highest class of temperature durability wire covers – keeps safely 120°C – there will be no melting danger for them under the bonnet.
● Wires are in a special braid for low voltage installations, these are special wires used only in the automotive industry (used in the production of passenger cars).
● The connectors in the ProRacing® plugs are clamped on specialized equipment for very precise machine assembly.
● Very high quality electronics made in SMD surface mount technology (we assemble the electronics with the latest Yamaha machine from 2018).
● We have a test bench where we examine the device in a given group of cars.
● We have 12 years of experience in the production of chips and writing maps.

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How to install the ProRacing®


At the following picture you can find simplified installation scheme of the ProRacing® UNICATE Chip Box. The device is prepared for quick installation in the engine compartment, in a suitable sensor on the Common Rail.

This is how ProRacing® UNICATE Chip Box looks like, after installation.

*The picture above shows localization of the specified plugs on example of BMW X5 M50d from year 2016. It may happen that in Your vehicle the engine isn’t mounted longitudinal as shown but it is mounted transverse instead. In such cases the installation should be adjusted to that engine type. Remember! Particular installation will be the same.


●You receive the set device and then plug it into the right sensor on the Common Rail. It is very easy. No mechanic or workshop visits!
●You enjoy a better, more comfortable ride.
●Included in the set you will receive detailed instructions for using the chip.


Step 1.

Make sure the car’s engine is not working and all electric elements are in an OFF position. The key in the ignition ought to be in an OFF position, no devices such as navigation, car radio, air- conditioning, internal lighting etc. ought to be working. If a car is not started with a key, the power ought to be cut off with a START/STOP button or by removing a card.

Step 2.

After removing the engine compartment cover locate the common rail (main element of an injection system). There is a pressure sensor on the rail. Its location is shown in a detailed manual attached to the kit – Notice! the location may be different for different models of cars.

Step 3.

Unpin a plug from the indicated pressure sensor on the common rail. On the plug there are latches or metal clasps. They should be unpinned before trying to unplug the connector from a socket. The attempt to disconnect the plug without former unpinning may cause its permanent damage.

Step 4.

Connect a female plugin with a free socket of a pressure sensor on the common rail. Notice there is a characteristic sound of click of a clasp while pinning. It guarantees certainty of connection.

Step 5.

Connect a male plugin with the female plug formerly unpinned from the pressure sensor and then connect the cable with Chip Box UNICATE. After completing the connection correctly switch on the ignition (turn the key in the ignition not starting the engine!) The device should be started. The proper connection is indicated with a glowing diode. When the diode starts glowing you can start the engine! Otherwise check all connections of plugins.

ProRacing® Performance Tuning Chip Box

ProRacing® company is a designer and manufacturer of the highest quality ProRacing® Tuning Chip Box.

„The highest priority for us is the excellent quality of our products and the quality of customer service. All this is to ensure that users of our products are fully satisfied and satisfied. That thanks to our efforts, driving a car became a rare pleasure for them".

Advanced technology


Highest quality guarantee

Our device and manufacturing processes meet the highest standards of International Association of Manufacturers and the Electronic Industries (IPC). It also meets the European and international production standards.
Thanks to IPC certification ProRacing® has the guarantee of highest quality of products and services in the electronics industry.

CERT. IPC-7711/7721 CERT. IEC-61340-4-1

Professional customer service

We offer professional assistance in choosing the product and its installation. A fully qualified team of ProRacing® employees supports you throughout the whole life of our devices. The satisfaction of our client is the most important to us.

A 24-month warranty covers all devices in our offer. Also, we provide comprehensive technical support throughout the entire unlimited period of use. We care about customer’s satisfaction because it is a measure of our highest success.

we guarantee

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