Chevy LUV Weber Carburetor Conversion Kit 1972-1982 for Sale

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Chev Luv 1971-1982

Isuzu Pick-up 1979-1983

Isuzu I-Mark 1979-1983

Weber 32/36 DGEV Carburetor Conversiondistributed by REDLINE

This Redline kit contains a Genuine Spanish made Electric choke WEBER Carb w/hardware & instructions

*The above pictures are of the actual kit


Any search for the ideal 2-barrel, progressive down-draft carburetor would surely end with the DGEV Series. look no further for versatility, wide adaptability, easy installation, low initial cost, trouble-free maintenance, excellent drivability, increased fuel economy and improved performance. Designed for engines displacing 1200cc-2600cc, the DGEV Series carbs feature diaphragm type accelerator pump circuits and models with manual, water or electric choke actuation. The DGEV also has a power valve circuit to facilitate low vacuum running conditions.

The Kits utilizing the 32/36 Progressives Weber are designed to provide the market with an economical performance carburetor conversion that while increasing Hp also improves drivability and fuel economy over the stock carburetor. The kits using the 32/36 progressive carburetor is the optimum carburetor for use as a replacement carburetor for a worn out or hard to maintain factory carb.

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This Redline kit contains the following:

(1) 32/36 DGEV Genuine Spanish WEBER Carburetor Electric Choke carb.
(1) Adapter Plate and related hardware
(1) Linkage Kit for the accelerator cable.
(1) Air filter
(1) Instructions

Why buy from us?

The WEBER conversions by Redline are unique in many ways:

  • Redline was the first and is still the best conversion available.
  • Proprietary changes to the jetting allow for flawless performance.
  • Tuning and jetting from the leader in WEBER conversions - REDLINE
  • Expert phone support from an experienced sales staff.
  • Toll free customer support phone line - real people with real answers.
  • Factory Direct Pricing and Product Support.
  • Largest selection of WEBER Carbs and parts
  • Same or Next Day Shipping on virtually every order.
  • We sell only GENUINE EUROPEAN WEBER carbs - no substitutions.
  • Beware of Chinese made and"NorthAmericanWebers" -they may look the same - but theyare Weber carb.
  • The Redline kits contain only the Genuine Weber from Europe.

In recent years there has been a host of warnings, websites, listings, and blogs that contradict each other on what is a WEBER and what is a "GENUINE" WEBER - and we found a link that lays out the situation so that discerning buyers can be educated before they buy. The best price is not always the best buy. Here is a link that really explains it well:

Genuine European Weber vs. the others

Like they say "Caveat Emptor" (Buyer Beware)


1971-1982 Chevrolet LUV (all models and series)

1979-1983 Isuzu Pickup/Pup 1.8

1979-1983 Isuzu I-Mark 1.8

Vehicles with AC and or Cruise may required additional modifications that are not available in this kit. Fabrication or reuse of original parts may be needed to allow the AC or cruise to work. Automatic transmission vehicles may require additional use of factory linkage for proper operation.


Before ordering make sure to check with your state regarding emission laws


Weber has long been acknowledged as the manufacturer of the best carburetors available....ANYWHERE. Legendary marques like Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin, Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati have been closely linked with the products of the equally legendary Edorado Weber S.P.A. of more than 50 years. While various producers of racing and high performance induction systems have moved in and out of the limelight over many decades, Weber alone maintains its worldwide superiority. The foundation of Weber's supremacy is no mystery. It's nothing more than the traditional virtues of careful design, meticulous manufacturing standards and uncompromising quality control, coupled with that unique Italian attribute of elegance in design. Do not confuse this with WeberNorthAmerica - not the same company. Weber North America brands various carburetors as "WEBER's" under a licensing agreement but they are NOT the legendary Italian designed and European built WEBER. REDLINE uses exclusively the European WEBER carburetors in their conversions. The Original Italian Engineered and designed 32/36 DGEV series WEBER carb is often copied, sometimes licensed - but there is only one original. The price of perfection is being admired to the point of being copied (EMPI branded carbs) or creating the illusion of being a DGEV when you are not. Get the perfect carb for your conversion - a 32/36 DGEV from Redline. Sometimes it is tough to improve on the original - and the 32/36 DGEV was the first and is still the benchmark by which all 2 bbl carburetor conversions are measured.


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