Chevy Colorado GMC Canyon Ported Throttle Body I5 3.5L for Sale

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Supermodulation Ported Throttle Body Exchange Service for the Chevy Colorado, GMC Canyon, H3 Hummer, Chevy Trail Blazer and GMC Envoy vehicles.

You are purchasinga remanufactured throttle body that is ported specifically to your2004 to 2007 I5 3.5Lengine displacement. Supermodulation Ported Throttle Body's have been proven to increased throttle response and increased air flow. No retuning is required.We also do Ported Throttle body's for the I4 2.8 L and 2.9Lengine displacements. Please email or call us for more info.

Documented Improvement: The noticed gains are felt from a dead stop to acceleration, passing and a smoother idle.

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How-To place your order: When purchased, please include in your PAYPAL paymentthe following information.

  • Truck year (2004 ~ 2007)?:
  • Motor displacement (3.5L or 3.7L)?:
  • Odometer Mileage?:
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)?:
  • Lifted or lowered?:
  • 4WD or 2WD?:
  • Is your truck tuned?:

How-To Remove and Install Your Ported Throttle Body: We offer free installation at one of the local NEC355.NET truck meets.
a. Tools, 10mm socket (Don’t over torque) and a small flat head screw driver to help remove the electrical connector.
b. Remove the "PCMB" fuse before swap and make sure to put it back when completed.
c. Check all vacuum hoses and make sure everything is plugged in and correctly installed.
Older trucks may experience cracking or damaged vacuum hoses after swap.
d. Start truck and let run for about 10 minutes till engine idling smooth's out.
Now your ready for a Test drive! HAVE FUN!!!PAYMENT:PAYPAL only.

SHIPPING: USA and Canada

Terms and conditions: Do to the type of mod, once the ported throttle body is installed and tested. All sales are final, No warranty is expressed or given.

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