Champion RS171 Forged Monolite Wheels for Porsche 997 GT2/GT3/Turbo/996 Turbo for Sale

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Champion RS171 Forged Monolite Wheels for Porsche 997 GT2 / GT3 /Turbo / 996 Turbo Gt2
Front 19-8.5Rears 19 x 11.5
WHEELS ONLYThe RS171 is easily one of our most popular full-faced wheel designs, thanks to its unique 10 spoke pattern and deep concave center. It also happens to be a favorite among our dedicated track customers because of its light weight, aggressive appearance, and ease of cleaning, thanks mostly its open spoke design. It's such a track favorite, in fact, that fitments are limited to the 996 Turbo and all 997 models, the most common Porsches you'll usually see doing track duty. For those who like the RS171 but want a little extra "bling" on their wheels, check out theRS98, which shares many styling cues with the RS171, in a slightly different package.

Weighing in at 20.1 pounds (front wheel) and 24.0 pounds (rear wheel), it's easy to see why the RS171 is so popular at the track. The reduced unsprung weight provides more accurate and precise steering and suspension response, better acceleration and braking, as well as increased brake cooling, all absolutely essential to a successful day at the track. The process of producing such a perfect wheel is not an easy one. Each wheel begins as a solid block of A6061 aluminum which is then heat-treated to T6 standards and forged using an 8000 pound press. The process insures perfect material consistency throughout the entire wheel, with a maximum yield strength of 40,000 pounds per square inch. Once the final design is completely machined, it's then finished off in our signature Brilliant Silver paint and glossy clearcoat. The entire process takes over 30 manufacturing hours per wheel, from start to finish, but the end result is well worth it.

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