Center Carrier Bearing for S70 V70 VOLVO AWD JAGUAR XJ6 Shaft 94mm CV ID:1.181" for Sale

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Center Carrier Bearing for S70 V70 VOLVO AWD JAGUAR XJ6 Shaft 94mm CV ID:1.181" Center Carrier Bearing for S70 V70 VOLVO AWD JAGUAR XJ6 Shaft 94mm CV ID:1.181"

Center Carrier Bearing for VOLVO AWD JAGUAR XJ6Shaft with 94mm CV ID:1.181"

NB: This carrier bearing is for driveshafts thathave a 94mm CV Joint. 

If the shaft has a 94mm CV Joint then this bearingwill work for your vehicle.

Internal Diameter: 1.181”

Center of mounting hole to center of mounting hole: 2.952”


Jaguar XJ12 1975 - 1979

Jaguar XJ6 1975 - 1986

Jaguar XJ6 - 1987 (4.2 L6)

Jaguar XJ6 - 1991 - 1992 (Executive)

Jaguar XJ6 - 1991 - 1993 (Sovereign)

Jaguar XJ6 - 1992 (BASE 4.0 L6)

Jaguar XJ6 - 1993 - 1997

Jaguar XJR - 1995-1997

Jaguar XJRS - 1993

Jaguar VANDEN PLAS - 1982 - 1989

Jaguar VANDEN PLAS - 1991

Jaguar VANDEN PLAS - 1992 (BASE)

Jaguar VANDEN PLAS - 1993 – 1997


Volvo does not sell this bearing on its own.

They make you replace the entire driveshaft!

Please confirm below measurements before purchase:



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Type of U-Joint Common Series Slip Yokes Splines Center Bearings Flanges Weld Tube Yokes

Step 1

Establish what style of Universal Joint you are working with. This is important, since u-joints have a different way of measuring depending on the style of u-joint that you have. The way that you measure the u-joint will translate into how you measure the other components you may need. ALWAYS use a set of Vernier Calipers or Micrometers, tape measures will never produce accurate results! These are mechanical parts and require precision

After comparing the Type of U-Joint in Step 1)

Measure your u-joint in the correct manner and identify what series you have

Outside Snap Rings *Inside Snap Rings **Outside+Inside Snap Rings *** SPRTAB Style **** Bearing Plate *****

Light & Medium Vehicles

Outside Snap Rings *Inside Snap Rings **Outside+Inside Snap Rings *** SPRTAB Style **** Bearing Plate *****

Commercial Vehicles

There are two applications for slip yokes that determines what type of slip yoke you need

  • Transmission slip yokes that slide onto the output shaft of your transmission
  • Driveshaft slip yokes that allow for the shaft to move in and out during operation

Please follow the steps

  • Establish the type of universal joint
  • Measure and determine the series of your universal joint
  • Determine if you need a transmission or driveshaft slip yoke type
  • Count the splines and take note for missing splines. If you count 15 with a gap = 15/16
  • OD, the outside diameter of the splined tube
  • Major diameter which is used to ensure that the slip yoke and spline fit correctly

There are two types of splines

  • Determine if you need a regular stub shaft or a spline to be used with a center or carrier bearing
  • Determine the tube you are going to weld the butt end of the spline into (Outside diameter & Wall thickness)
  • As a general rule, the (K) measurement of the spline should be about the length (CL) of the slip yoke
  • Make sure that the spline major diameter & number of splined teeth matches that of your slip yoke

Midship stub shaft (For use with Carrier Bearings)

Center Bearing's are easy!

They are used to support two piece driveshafts & are identified as follows:

  • Compare the shape of the center bearing, do the brackets and general look of the bearing match?
  • Take a measurement from the centerline of one mounting hole to the other to establish the length
  • Ensure the inner diameter of our bearing matches the diameter of the spline its going onto

Identify your Flange

  • First determine the type and series of the universal joint
  • Take the measurement from the centerline of one bolt hole to the other on both sides of the flange
  • Confirm the flange pilot diameter
  • Are the bolt holes drilled or threaded?

Weld in Tube Yokes

  • First determine the type and series of your universal joint
  • Determine the outer diameter and wall thickness of your driveshaft tubing
  • Beware of what material you are working with, aluminum tubing uses aluminum tube yokes

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