Carbon Fiber Strip Stripe M Colored Grill Kidney Vinyl Sticker Decal NEW BETTER for Sale

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Carbon Fiber Strip Stripe M Colored Grill Kidney Vinyl Sticker DecalNEW NEW NEW!!! This not like the other vinyl you see on ! This stuff is premium quality!

  • Pressure-sensitive, air-drain adhesives make for easier installation
  • UV stable film won't distort or discolor during installation
  • 3D, semi-gloss carbon fiber weave gives you an ultra-realistic look
Please measure to be safe/sure that the grill slat is at or under 9 3/4" long before purchasing!!!!
Product DescriptionColors: Light Blue, Blue, and RedCondition: 100% Brand NewMaterial: Weatherproof VinylDimension: Each stripe is approximately 9 3/4" x 2" (cut length to size as needed)Quantity: 3 sticker sheets of different colored stripes (1xlight blue, 1x blue, 1x red)
Installation is simple but needs to be done carefully!!! (please follow instructions below)
Step 1: Surface Preparation and CleaningFor proper adhesion, clean all surfaces using a 2:1 mixture of water to Isopropyl alcoholNote: Prior to cleaning test solution in an inconspicuous area.Use a clean, lint-free cloth to clean the application area. Ensure it is dry and all oils and residues have been removed prior to application.A good test is to see the surface has been adequately cleaned is to use masking tape to test the surface. If the masking tape sticks to the application surface without peeling up and delaminating then you may proceed. If it does not stick then further cleaning may be necessary. This is the most important step of the application process so please take the time to prepare the surface as we are not responsible for adhesion problems due to improper surface cleaning.
Step 2: Applying the VinylWork top to bottom or vice versa. Do not work from the center out when applying pieces. Be sure not to bridge any areas by sticking the top and bottom and then trying to stick the middle of the kit as this will create air bubbles.
Note: Do not touch or allow dust or dirt to touch the prepared area or the pressure sensitive backed adhesive. Body oils and contaminants will promote delamination.
Note: Do not apply and then reposition the piece as this will promote delamination. Attempt to align the piece and then apply it, if you remove the piece it might not properly adhere.
Step 3: Application TechniqueStart at one edge of the vinyl and work through bends using the palm of your hand if possible (rather than your thumb) applying the kit to the surface. Large sections of vinyl may be applied by using a squeegee or other similar object to apply pressure and greatly reduce air bubbles. A hair dryer should be used to help the vinyl to adhere more quickly to the surface and ensure adhesion to areas of the dash which may not be perfectly flat.
Note: Adhesion may be difficult in cold weather, humid areas or if the surface has not been properly cleaned prior to application. The hotter the ambient temperature, the easier for adhesion to take place, but the more difficult it is for the application process. The pieces may become to soft and flexible for easy application.
Step 4: Heat and TensionUse tension and a heatgun or hairdryer (on high) to conform and stretch the vinyl over the application area. While re-tensioning the film., use a heat gun to stretch the film 2 to 4 percent beyond its unheated size. Be careful not to overheat or over-stretch the film. Apply heat and work slowly towards the edges.
Step 5: Cut Away Excess Wrap VinylCutting requires a new sharp blade or else you will risk tearing the vinyl as opposed to slicing it. Also, trimming takes very steady hands and an attention to detail. Be careful not to cut into the car if you use an Olfa-style knife or use something like a Snitty cutting tool or else you may run the risk of cutting the surface and damaging it.
Step 6: Tuck Under FilmFor rounded or sharp edge corners, just heat the vinyl until malleable and warp the vinyl over the corner until the film is almost at its breaking point. Either use your hands to warp over the corner or if the corner is hard to access, just warp it with your squeegee. It might seem intimidating to stretch a vinyl that much, but our vinyls are specifically designed to handle a lot of warping and stretching without damaging the vinyl.
Step 7: Reheat Vinyl and FinishOnce film has been applied, use heat gun of blowdrier on high to heat the film. Allow vehicle to cure in the garage for 24 hours.
ShippingI usually ship your orders within 1-2 business days after the payment cleared except for USPS Holidays and Sundays because of the USPS work week.Shipping normally takes 2-4 business days but can take up to 10 business days due to USPS delays.

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