CORVETTE ZR-1 LT5 EXHAUST VALVE SEAT, 90~95, PN 10067401-N [8C3] for Sale

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JERRY'S ZR-1 LT5 GASKETS & SEALS EXHAUST VALVE SEAT for 1990~1995 ZR-1 CORVETTE WITH LT5 ENGINE OEM PART NO 10067401-N Fits 90~95 ZR-1 LT5. Sixteen (16)Exhaust Valve Seatsarerequired per engine, eight (8) per cylinder head. This sale is for One (1) Exhaust Valve Seat. This is a NEW, Original Part,No longer serviced by GM and unique to the ZR-1 LT5 engine.

Ourgoal at Jerrys Gaskets has been to provide ZR-1 Corvette owners with a reasonably priced source for components to keep these fabulous Corvette marques alive & well.We do not comprimise part quality for the finest example of automotive engineering to ever leave Detroit (or Mercury Marine in Stillwater, OK in this case).

Jerrys Gaskets onlysells gaskets, seals and now parts, for the ZR-1 Corvette LT5 engine, sowe have to do it better than anyone else.Look for LT5 Gaskets on Google and the ZR-1 Net Registry forum. We have virtually all gaskets and seals for the LT5 engine. OUR PRICES ARE THE BEST ANYWHERE!! Material quality is top shelf, fitment is achieved from accuracy of production and confirmed through testing, both internally and by the most recognized LT5 engine builders in the country. And, like the Corvette, made in the USA. Jerrys Gaskets appreciates your business andshow it in our pricing and customer service.

Thanksfor giving us a shot at your business.Jerry PS - Contact me for combined shipping. Often, additional gaskets or partscan be shipped for ZERO additional expense. If you've already paid for more than one item, no worries, I'll refund excess to your Paypal account.

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