CORVETTE ZR-1 LT5 "50% THICKER" PLENUM GSKT "Set of 2" [11D3] for Sale

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JERRY'S ZR-1 LT5 GASKETS & SEALS "50% THICKER" PLENUM GASKETS, SET of 2 for 1990~1995 ZR-1 CORVETTE WITH LT5 ENGINE OEM PART NO 10168684-X Fits 90~95 ZR-1 LT5. Set of 2 gaskets. 50% thicker than our standard Plenum Gasket or the OEM GM gasket. Still a direct replacement for the stock gasket on stock engines. Many of our customers prefer thicker gaskets for moreheat insulation of the intake plenum. Thicker gaskets also have more capability to seal irregular surfaces. The LT5 engine ismachined toexacting standards anddoes not require a thicker gasket to seal, unless the mating surfaces have incurred some damage. **NOTE: These plenum gasketscan be used as a direct replacement on unmodified, original engines.The port diameter has been increased to 37.5mm diameter to also fit portedinjector housingswhich are typically ported to 37.0mm dia., WITHOUT the need for hand cutting.** FOR use on SIAMESED plenums, it is only necessary to make 2, simple, straight cuts to remove the divider between ports. These are die-cut precision gaskets, made exclusively for Jerry's Gaskets, utilizing original engine drawings for dimensions. Made from Pro-Formance/MicroPore, non-asbestos gasket material with a fully cured nitrile butadiene rubber binder, 12~20% compressibility for excellent sealability and a max temp rating of 550F. Jerrys Gasketssells only gaskets, seals and engine partsfor the ZR-1 Corvette LT5 engine. We know our business and we do it better than the rest.Google Jerrys Gaskets. Jerrys Gaskets has all gaskets and seals and hundreds of engine parts for the LT5 engine. OUR PRICES ARE THE BEST ANYWHERE!! Material quality is top shelf, fitment is achieved from intelligent development, accuracy of production and confirmed through testing,internally and by the most recognized LT5 engine builders in the country. At Jerrys Gaskets we sincerely appreciate your business. Thanksfor giving us a shot at your business. Jerry PS - Contact me for combined shipping. Often, several additional gaskets can be shipped for ZERO additional expense. If you've already paid for more than one item, no worries, I'll refund excess to your Paypal account.

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