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<img border="0"><br><a target="_blank"><img border="0"></a>GM APPROVED & LICENSEDC5 Z06 / 405 HP LOGO CORVETTE QUIET RIDE COMPARTMENT DIVIDER
Made from 2 inch thick high density foam completely covered with black trunk carpet. One side is monogrammed with the C5/Z06 405 HP emblem. This is a compression fit and does not use velcro or any type of attachment. This fits very tight between the passenger compartment and the trunk area and can be removed by simply pulling it out. The emblem can be positioned to show the emblem in the passenger compartment or reversed to show the emblem in the trunk when the deck lid is opened. We can also put the emblem on both sides since the Z06 does not have a waterfall, this will allow the emblem to show between the seats and also from the trunk when opened. The extra charge for the double emblems is $35.00. Please call if you would like the double emblems. Thiswill reduce the road noise by approximately 60% and will also improve the stereo sound by separating the trunk from the passenger compartment. This will also keep items from sliding from the trunk to the passenger compartment when accelerating or braking. This is the very best of the best and we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.We accept Pay Pal or all major credit cards, please call 270-535-5623 for more information.So Easy even a caveman can do it :-) <div style="text-align:center"><a style="text-decoration:none" border="0"></a></div>

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