Bushing 15785087 Shift Shifter Cable Envoy 15079394 1510141 Transmission GMC for Sale

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The part that I am offering is just the bushing, not the cable, and it is a simple stock solution. No grinding, no disassembling and not a lot of time waiting for the part. I ship fast (most cases same on next day and it takes about 2 to 3 working days).

I am a fast shipper, but the fact that you need the part right away does not mean it will be there next day. I am not responsible for shipping times and of course neither in charge of USPS logistics, please consider this when leaving feed-back and lowscore me on shipping time because the item was not there the same day you bought it.

I'll ship today or next day, and that depends on you and the time you decide to buy the item. Thinking overnight shipping? It is very expensive: 20 dollars. Priority? It's 8 dollars and takes about the same time as mi shipping choice, most cases 2 to 3 work days, depending on location and time of purchase. As you can see it makes no sense.If this can dissuade you, I will ship it overnight, just make the appropriate shipping selection and check restrictions.
There is a video on how to install the bushing here:

If you want to pursue another route to fix your vehicle and you are in a rush to do it, please read this first: The bushing is intended to be an isolator/dampener component since the selector ball vibrates, is metal and gets hot, whereas the cable is plastic and is supossed to be colder. You could install a pin, a washer and a cotter pin or buy a metal bushing. Maybe even an Allen bolt and nut to "sandwich" the plastic end, or any other "permanent solution", but it something's gotta give it will be the plastic end of the cable since the heat will pass to the plastic end directly from the tranny selector and you will then be forced to buy another cable or the pressure will crack it. Moreover you will have to grind the selector ball off to do the adapting and if you want to fix your car fast you will have to pay good money to get your "fixing kit" fast and wait 5 to 10 working days or pay overnight (with me it will take way less than that).

This is an automatic transmission shifter bushing for the shift selector cable. This bushing connects to the transmission selector pull on several GM vehicles, including Chevy Trailblazer, GMC Envoy, Isuzu Ascender, Saab9-7xand many others (about 97different vehiclesaccording to compatibility list).

Part numbers for the cable (where the bushing is installed), from GM and AC Delco are the following:15785087 15079394 1510141 15101412.

Thislittle bushing is the culprit to more than frecuenttrouble on the road. Suddenlythe worn out shifter bushing, located at the transmission end, gives out after years of good service under extreme conditionsof heat and cold, water, salt and oilexposure, the selector cable then disconnects from the pull ball and you get stuck in gear, unable even to shift back to park andbeing unable to removethe key from the ignition. Fixingthat temporarilyin the middle of the road, then limp back home is not fun, let me tell you.

There are several solutions of course: You could take your car to the shop and get the complete cable replaced (100 to 200 dollars plus towing fees); buy a new cable and do it yourself (80 dollars); buy a used cable with a used bushing hoping it will last? Maybe you could instead get really involved, do a chop job and go ahead modifying the selector pull, grinding its ball off, drill a holewere the ball was,and install a metallic new pin, hoping you didn't mess it up to later realize the metal bushing destroyed the plastic eyelet so you have to buy a new cable; or install a new bushing that will last for years and is an economical and stock alternative. I have one of this bushings in my vehicle's glove compartment and another one installed at the end of my shifter cable, no issues.

To install this bushing is not even necessary to remove the cable from its location. It is just amatter of removingall the bitsof the old split up plastic bushing and install the new one in to the cable's end eyelet, then insert the eyelet into the ball pull. I've seen this done in 4 minutes.

If your year and model is not on the list, then Iam not sure it will fit you application. If the part number for the cable is the same then it should, unfortunately my listing is not complete and even when I knowthe bushing will fit manyother vehicles I'm not sure which ones are those. You could buy it and check, if it does not fit just send it back for a refund. If you have remnants of the old bushing you could give me some measurements to compare. Tell me what you want meto do. I will help you any reasonable way I can.

This are the aproximate measurements for the bushing and shifter cable's eyelet: eyelet's innermost diameter (narrow part is .423 of an inch or 10.75 mm, eyelet's outermost diameter (wides grooved part that acommodates bushing's outer lips measures .517 of an inch or 13.15 mm, bushing's outermost and wider sides (two lips outer faces) measure .517 of an inch or 13.15 mm and allocate into the eyelet's grooves. Bushing's narrowest part or middle holes' diameter where the inner lip or membrane is located .220 of an inch or 5.60. Bushing's inner diameter at the widest and both faces hole measures .295 of an inch or 7.49 mm .330 of an inch. I assume that ball pull's diameter needs to be a minimum of about .3150 or 8.00 mm to .393 or 10 mm.

Attention: when inserting bushing be sure that once installed into the plastic eyelet it needs to be carefully push against the ball pull, making sure the ball passes the bushing inner membrane lip, which just measures about .039 of an inch or 1.00 mm. Brute force and stubborness will destroy the bushing or the cable's eyelet. Patience and time will yield the right results. Some people in the past were not careful and either destroyed the bushing or claimed bushing's inner hole was to big for the ball pull. In reality the bushing was okay, but it was not installed all the way, got teared-upand later on it disconnected from the ball pull. The ball pull needs to be fully inserted into the bushing and jump the center lip without damaging it, and that is true also if you install a new bushing or a brand new cable with bushing included.

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