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Brand NEW BMW M3 19 inch Wheels to fit Non-M3 3-Series models - 335i 330i 328i for Sale

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Brand NEW BMW M3 19 inch Wheels to fit Non-M3 3-Series models - 335i 330i 328i

Price: $1,199

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You've been asking for them
....now they're here!

BrandNewEXACT MATCH*19"BMWM3Style Wheels for BMW 3-Series -Noofferding - Just "Buy-It-NOW!"

This listing is for a set of FOUR (4)19"WHEELS. These aregleaming *Sparkling* Brand-New19"WHEELS.These are NEW wheels that haveneverbeen mounted. Obviously they have no miles on them - look how clean the insides are!

I have heard your plight. Time-and-again, you've asked me for BMWM3wheels for your non-M33-Series including 320i 323i, 325i, 328i, 330i, and 335i. I know,I know!M3wheels are sharp-looking! But theM3uses a specific offset that could never work on your car.

So what did this ole' car enthusiast do? I custom-commissioned these high-quality one-piece aluminum wheels with the style and the EXACT CORRECT offset forYOURBMW 3-Series. This sharp style is an EXACT MATCH to the M3 -right down to the little detent where the BMWMlogo goes. In-fact, we have procured new re-creations of the colored M emblems and can insert them for you at no charge upon request. Everything about OUR wheelsis identical to the factory M3 wheels including the number of spokes. HOWEVER, mine areThe Correct Offsetand WILL fit your vehicle! While they are 19" rims, the style of the wheels with those long, sexy spokes going all the way to the edge gives the illusion that they are larger - they look like 20" rims. The QUALITY and the FINISH are EXACT. And at aKILLERprice! Talk aboutrare! But thanks to- here's your chance to have them!

*I have noticed lesser-quality "M3 style" wheels cropping up onat a lower price. Look a little closer and you will see that these are not nearly an 'exact match' in-terms of styling, as ours are. For one thing, their entire wheel is aluminum finish (raw, at that) versus ours which have the correct factory-style charcoal painted insets, in the correct factory color of-course. Also, ours have the factory-style 'smooth lip' design as-opposed to theirs which have a much cheaper-looking knurled edge - for clipping a wheel weight onto!
If you want the true "Factory LookM3" style wheels then ours are truly what you new wheels have a 5x120mm bolt pattern and correct offset to fit 2000 through 2011 BMW 3-Series models noted above regardless of your vehicle's original wheel size (does not fit M3, unknown if they'll fit Xi models).

Note that vehicle images are file-photos to show wheel style. Actual wheels in this listing are shown on green background and also on previous customer's vehicle shown in last two images.
Wheels you shall receive inthislisting are Brand-NEW, never-mounted.

Please note that center caps arenotincluded nor available. These wheels use the SAME EXACT center caps that come with your 3-Series so just re-use them.

Tires are not included but for reference, you'll want to run 235/35R19 tires on the front and 265/30R19 on the rear.

This is a great way to really enhance the look of your 3-Series. Why risk on other wheels that areusedor TRITE? Rest assured - when these wheels arrive and you open the boxes -
They gleam because they are ABSOLUTELYBRAND-NEW.

Your local BMW dealer will look down his nose with condescending disgust if you asked for these at his parts counter!!! He'd say, "No Way - Doesn't Exist." BUT THAT'S WHAT'S GREAT ABOUT!
Check through my response- I sellalotof OEM & OEM-style wheels for a reason!

NoHassles with Exchange - OUTRIGHT SALE

Attention: I am not a "portal" nor some big companyThese are in my inventoryRightNOW

*** I ShipVERYFast ***These new wheelsWILL SHIPwithin24 Hoursof payment if the next day is a business at these wheels! "Buy-It-NOW"!!

Now shipped using New Custom Shipping Boxes for secure delivery!

Always many styles of OEM/Factory rims including tire/wheel packages - to see what others I have available Click HereNoReserve -Noofferding - Just "Buy-It-Now"!


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