Beverage Containment System BCS F-1 Cup Holder (#1200) for Sale

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When you drink the best, you need the best to hold whatever it takes to kill the thirst!
BCS F-1 Cup Holder
This maybe the world’s best Beverage Containment System is just the thing to help keep you going through even the longest days on the job. Virtually indestructible polycarbonate construction will hold the biggest, coldest drink that you can you can round up. Machine-quality swivels on two axes gives the BCS full articulation so it won’t spill a drop, and a cinch loop provides a little something extra so your drink won’t go anywhere. Thanks to its high-quality mount, you can install the BCS on almost anything that you can drive, sail or even fly! Whether you need relief during a hard day’s work, or a pick-up on the way home, use the BCS F-1 to give your next drink a place of honor it deserves.

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