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BWoody Dodge Neon SRT-4 Motor & Trans mounts 3 piece set for Sale

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BWoody Dodge Neon SRT-4 Motor & Trans mounts 3 piece set

Price: $170

This item has been shown 591 times.

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response Policy: Positive response is very important to us we strive to be number one in customer satisfaction, We will Leave positive response to our customers promptly after theyleave us positive response.

Buy From the Original manufacturer of these mounts, Buy from Bwoody Performance!!! You will also receive theirLimited warranty if you break the mounts not only will they replace them absolutely free, they will refund you!!!

BWoody Performance Motor and Transmission mounts. Buy the originals designed by the racing enthusiasts at BWoody Performance, their motor mounts are gauranteed for life if they break not only will they replace them free of charge they will refund you in full!!! Bwoody's motor mounts have been used by everyone who is anyone in the SRt community such as Darrell Cox Racing, Kevin Van Natten owner of the RED SLED, N2NB performance, Real tuned performance......Need I say more these guys are pushing some serious power and they depend on BWoody's mounts to get them across the finish line!!

NOTE* To cut down on manufacturing costs and lower the cost of these mounts to you the consumer the BWP logo is NO LONGER engraved in the transmission mount.

Color shown in the picture is e-blue

Standard colors will be wrinkle black or silver you can upgrade to a different color by selecting from the drop down box below. Note: Custom colors are non-returnable.
colors on actual parts can be found here:

Free Powdercoating And FREE shipping!!!!!!!!!

Please let us know what COLOR you want by either a comment in the PAYPAL NOTES OR AN MESSAGE!! PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL TO OUR PAYPAL EMAIL ADDRESS AS IT WILL NOT GET READ AND GOES DIRECTLY TO OUR SPAM FOLDER!! , most orders are filled within 24 hours so please be prompt with your color choice if we recieve no message WRINKLE BLACK will be shipped. Please visit BWoody Performances website for actual colors on parts. Please do not leave us neutral or negative response if you did not follow the simple instructions as we are offering the color upgrade as a free upgrade if you request it properly!!

powder coating Colors available:

wrinkle black (single stage)
silver (single stage)
lime green (single stage)
bright red (single stage)
yellow (single stage)
white (single stage)
mopar orange (single stage)
neon pink (single stage)
midnite blue wrinkle (single stage)
mopar blue (single stage)
flat black (single stage)
gold (single stage)
bronze (single stage)
black w/copper vein (2 stage)
black w/silver vein (2 stage)
super gloss black (2 stage)
super gloss yellow (2 stage)
super gloss red (2 stage)
starlight candy blue (2 stage)
anodized candy red (2 stage)
anodized candy emerald green (2 stage)
e-blue (2 stage)
candy orange (2 stage)
smoke chrome (2 stage)
candy copper (2 stage)
prismatic anodized red (2 stage)
anodized grape (2 stage)
ultra metalic silver (2 stage)
gun metal (2 stage)

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