BOV + 2.5" Universal Turbo Front mount Intercooler kit for Sale

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CXRacing Intercooler + Piping Kit


Works for Many DIY or Universal Setup Applications.

This is an Universal DIY kit, Might need modification and other items to meet your project needs.

Product Being Sold:

Intercooler + Aluminum Piping + BOV & Flange Pipe + Silicon Hose + T-Clamp

Latest Tube and Fin Design, Diamond-Cut Shape Tube, Better Air Flow, Maximizing Cooling Efficiency

Item Includes:

  • Intercooler x1

  • 2.5" BLACK Polished Aluminum Pipe
    Straight Aluminum Pipe x2
    45 Degree Aluminum Pipe x2
    75 Degree Aluminum Pipe x2
    90 Degree Aluminum Pipe x1

  • 2.5" Straight Silicon Hose x3

  • 3"~2.5" Silicon Reducer Hose x2

  • 2.5" 90 Degree Hose x2

  • 2.5" Stainless Steel T-Clamp x12

  • 3" Stainless Steel T-Clamp x2

  • Blow Off Valve x1
  • 2.5" Aluminum BOV Flange Pipe x1
  • Vacuum Hose And Accessories

Product Info and Spec:

  • Intercooler´╝Ü
    Tube & Fin Intercooler
    Core Size: 23.5x11.5x2.75 Inch
    Overall Size: 30.75x11.75x3 Inch
    Inlet and outlet sizes: 3 Inch

  • Piping Kit:
    2.5" Polished Aluminum Piping Parts
    All Pipes are 2mm Thick, Better Quality than other thin ones. Other Thinner Pipes won't survive welding.
    Each Pipe has Rolled Edge Inlets (Except J pipe)
    Each pipe is 18" long
    Each Pipe is Individually Warped with Protection
    All Hoses are 3 Layer Enforced Silicon Hoses
    All Clamps are Stainless T-Clamps

Intercooler Piping + Silicon Hoses + Stainless Steel T-Clamps BOV & Flange Pipe

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