BMW e24 633, 635, M 635 , m6 odometer Gear Set odo kit (with needed spacer) for Sale

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Up for sale is a set of new odometer Gears for your e24 6 series classic bmw. This is for your US Spec (mph) bmw e24 633, 635, M 635 CSi, M6. This is the #1 reason your odometer is not counting miles driven and trip odometer does not work. As much fun as it is, to guess when your next maintance item or oil change is due, wouldnt it be nice to just fix this problem? Yes it can be expensive. Most shops charge over $200 for this service! Dont overpay! It usually just the odometer gears that are the problem. Replacing these worn gears will repair it. Easy installation too!

Unlike other units sold on ,our kits include the spacersand that usually built into your oem gear. This spacer keep the gear from walking up the shaft. It replicates the spacer on the OEM gears to ensure they never lose engagement. OTHER sellers gears do not have this and claim its not needed because they dont have it. There is a reason there was a spacer built into the oem gear. Its the same reason we include the spacer, it insures years of service.Every kit includes the three gears AND the spacer that need replacement. The factory gears get soft over time (imagine how a stale Oreo cookie would feel when broken in half, thats what the gears in your current broken gauge feels like). E24 odometers had 12 teeth drive gears, 12/48 center gears, and either 17/48 or 19/48 options for the third gear. The most common gear is the 19tooth and this is what is shipped by default. Please count before ordering to insure you get the correct third gear count. Failing to do this will mean you will need to purchase another third gear separately (we do not take fault if you do not tell us what your third gear count is). If your third gear count is different please let us know! These gears are quality made with better then oem material with a quality fit and finish. These gears will outlive your car! Installation instructions can be found here: VDO e30 installation instructions.

Dont be fooled by imitations, we are the only ones that include the spacer to keep the gears from moving and touching each other! WE EVEN HAVE A LIFETIME WARANTEE ON ALL GEARS WE SELL!

Please look at the pictures it shows you exactly what you get and the condition. We try to describe the items as much as we can but pictures are the best way to describe an item! NOTE: On these small price items we do not refund shipping costs ($5). WE ONLY ACCEPT PAYPAL!!!!


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