BMW Z3 Windscreen Windblocker Wind Deflector Restrictor for Sale

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New BMW Z3 Windstop / Windscreen / Windblocker
Windbreaker / Aeroscreen / Wind Deflector
Manufactured with Lexan, the unbreakable shield

Why you want to use this:

  • Listen to your stereo clearly, no more blaring wind.
  • Talk on your cell phone and passengers easily. You don't need to raise your voice or go, "What?"
  • Keep your hair in place instead of swirling about your face.
  • Renew the fun and pleasure of driving top-down. You no longer need sunny days to wait to put the top down. This is great on short trips, and a must on long trips.
  • You can drive around without feeling beet up by the wind.
  • Extends your top-down driving season. Provides some shade when it's hot, and prevents some cold air from entering the driver's compartment when it's cold.

Why this is a great product:

  • Made of 1/4 inch thick material. This is important! Windscreens made of less thickness can vibrate and wobble when in use, causing damage against your fine car. I know, since I've replaced them!
  • Manufactured with virtually unbreakable polycarbonate (Lexan). See below for a greater explanation.
  • Does not whistle. Some of the all-mesh windblockers whistle and hum at certain speeds.
  • 10 year scratch resistant and non-discoloration coating
  • Installs in about 2 minutes. Very simple and secure installation.
  • Fits all BMW Z3 model years with roll bars
  • Leave in place while putting the top up.
  • Rugged, 2 inch, nylon straps keeps the windblocker secure. Does not vibrate at all when in use, even at three digit speeds!
  • Manufactured with quality and pride in the USA
  • New product, not used.
  • Edges glazed to high polish finish.
  • 30 day money-back policy if not satisfied

Fits the Chrome Roll Hoops:

  • If you have those aftermarket chrome hoops, this windscreen will fit them.
  • After you place your order, let me know you have these hoops, since they require a different set of straps.

Other Options For This Windscreen:

Invisible Straps: +$10

Picture of clear strap. It's a little difficult to see, of course, since it's clear.
Close-up of clear strap with the Velcro tab on the end.
Close-up of black strap
Comparing black strap to clear strap
  • Optional clear straps makes your windblocker look invisible.

  • All straps are two inches wide. Standard straps are black, of nylon webbing. The invisible straps of of clear vinyl.

  • The clear vinyl is tough and pliable, will not weaken or become brittle or yellow with age. This is the same material used on garden sheds, boat windows, and other abusive-prone environments.

  • Strong material. Each straps by itself is rated to carry the pressure of the windblocker, so having multiple straps is over-engineering.

Smoke Tint: +$10

The smoke tint condensed for photographic purposes. This tint is a hew of gray, more of a neutral color

  • An optional vinyl storage bag is $20 extra.
  • The storage bag is lined with fleece, has a flap enclosure fastened by Velcro, and is stitched with nylon. It's really a great storage bag!
  • Note the storage bag is green for photographic purposes. Most storage bags are neutral colors, of black and beige.

Storage bag with flag closed
Storage bag with flap open, showing Velcro and fleece lining

Polycarbonate: This material is virtual unbreakable; you almost have to deliberately try to break this to damage it. I have hit this windscreen with a hammer, pounded it with a rock, driven over it on uneven surfaces, attempted to fold it in half, and it still won't break! This is the same material used for bullet-resistant applications. Polycarbonate does not turn brittle when cold, does not crack, and does not color with sun exposure. Finally, this material cleans up easily with soap and water. So, you don't have to worry about how you handle this windblocker!

Profile: Only the area between the roll hoops is covered for best performance. The turbulence has to move somewhere. This shapeallows the turbulence to flow against the seat backs dissipating it, instead of rolling around the seats into the cockpit. Many factory windblockers from Ford and others use this same profile for this reason as well.

Shipping: $14 anywhere US and $19 to Canada via UPS Ground; $31 to the United Kingdom

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