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If your BMW Z3 window is discolored, darkened, cracked or the bead around the outside is separating you don't need a new top. You only need to replace the window to correct the problem. Fortunately BMW provided for their windows with a zipper system allowing it to be replaced without removing, replacing or disturbing the top itself. PLEASE INSURE YOUR WINDOW IS A ZIP IN BEFORE ORDERING. The old window is simply unzipped and removed and the replacement window is zipped in. This window is a zip-in window just like the original BMW window except it includes a higher quality trim on the outside edge that should outlast the original plastic trim that usually is the first component of the original tops to break down. It is Made in the USA using DOT approved plastic that is higher in quality than the original window and only half the price.

The Original window plastic can be easily scratched with a sharp object. This plastic is much tougher and resistant to scratching and won't easily be scratched and in addition it is more flexible, meaning that it should be more resistant to creasing and cracking. It is very resistant to "Memory" in that it will not retain folds from when the top is left down for extended periods. It always comes right back to original flatness when the top is opened. Also, the exterior trim that covers the edge of top not only covers all rough or frayed edges of the top but will last much longer and not deteriorate like BMW's plastic trim.

I am often asked by people if they can replace the window themselves. The answer is an absolute "YES". You simply unzip the old window from inside and the new window zips in easily. Your window will include the zipper slider necessary to do the operation (zipping and unzipping). I don't want to over simplify the installation as it does take a little time and patience but anyone can do it. I do highly recommend you get someone to assist you (one inside the car and one outside just to keep things lined up) and it should take 1-2 hours at the most. I have had response that some have accomplished it in approximately 15-20 minutes but honestly this is the exception. It generally takes me about 45 minutes but I have done it a few times so I would count on 1 or 2 hours unless you are very quick and a handy person. I will include the simple to follow instructions with your order.

There are cheaper copies and many overpriced similar items but I promise you none are any better quality or easier to install than this one. These have satisfied many Z3 owners all over the world and saved them money. This same window is on my personal Z3. It comes with a 1 year replacement warranty against all defects or deterioration beyond normal wear. Don't waste your money on the overpriced BMW original window. This one will long outlast it for half the money. It is truly the best quality and best buy out there. I also have this window available in a darker tint but it is only 40% tinted (Light grey in color andallows 40% light to pass through) and in my opinion is not worth the extra money so I do not recommend it. It is not the real real dark tint like you find on many cars today that you can't see through. Those are generally 5-15%.

I will ship internationally for a small increase in shipping costs. Just click on International Shipping below. I try to ship as soon as possible after receiving an order. Thanks for your interest and best of luck with your BMW window replacement.


Hi David,

Thanks so much for all your helpful information with the updated installation instructions, as well as the video. I had used some cleaning product on my rear window that caused it to turn yellow in the sun and then when I finally did go to put the back window down, it cracked in 2 places. So, even though I wasn't planning on replacing the window since I will be purchasing a new car in the near future, I couldn't stand looking at it anymore. Plus, it will help me when I finally go to sell the car. Even though it is a 1997 model, I still get told what a nice car I have all the time. So, I was a lot embarrassed by the back window and decided to go online to find a replacement. For some reason, your ad caught my eye and rather than compare all the ads, I went with you because your ad really sounded honest and sincere to me. And since I am a woman, I can use all the instruction possible. Thank you for all your information, I'll need it I'm sure!
David, got my window today and took me less than 30 min to get it by myself, super easy!! Thank you, the car looks so much better now =)Sanna Queensland Australia

I received the window yesterday, and thanks again David, for being a good, honest and informative person. Richard

Richard Amarillo, TX
Thank you David My daughter and I fitted the window within the hour, waiting 10 minutes for the contact cement to dry was a bit long No problem with alignment and very please with quality and finish' did what it said on the listing. Will recommend to others Kind Regards
Houston. TX

Hi David! We put the window in this weekend and it went really smoothly and it looks great! The video and the written instructions were clear and easy to follow. I found the comments and suggestions from the others you provided very helpful (excellent addition). Thank you so much for everything. Being a newbe at the online purchase thing I am really impressedwith all the support and will not be so nervous next time! I hope they are all as straightforward and honest as you. Take care....and thanks again! Susan Hi David Just to let you know that you were right. It arrived at 14.50 yesterday and was fitted by 16.30 perfectly,very pleased. So you have not lost a parcel yet,Thank you and thank you for your attention to detail, instructions and quick responses ,very refreshing. Regards


Finally got around to installing the rear window. A little tricky but, with the help of a friend we got it done.
It came out good the first time and looks nice. My only suggestion would be to enlarging the window trim as mine fit very tightly at the bottom corners and wants to curl up due to tightness.The contact cement provided worked well as I let it dry for a couple days in the garage to be safe.
Overall I'm very satisfied with it. Thanks for all the help and being so responsive with questions.

Thanks, Dave That was remarkably easy. I used two helpers. One on each side of the car. Once the old window was out. I placed it on top of the new one and marked the zipper start location with a piece of chalk. It took a total of 11 minutes to get the old window out and the new one installed not counting the time to glue the trim down. This has been the easiest project I have tackled on my M3 to date. Thank you again.

John Lyman, SC Hi David, I just wanted to quickly write you a big thanks for a great product mate. It took us half an hour to get it on after realising we had it upside down. The realisation came when the zipper wasn't feeding in properly. Not very bright at times. However, once we inverted the wonderful product you supplied us, it was on in 15 minutes. Thanks again mate and all the best. Regards Alex Artarmon, NSW 2064 hi david, sure have appreciated ll of your emails and assistance however it really did install easy and without complications. I would be glad to give/refer anybody who needs one your name . Also, I left you a very positive review! Thanks , window in, love our nice new window!
Laura Mosta, N/A
Malta Wow, what help from you and what an easy installation. Much easier that I imagined. Looks great on and I can’t say enough positive. doesn’t give us enough room. Florintino Keller, TX HI, Went in fine. Took two guys about 30 minutes 1998 328IC. Rear window removal was about 5 minutes and the next one would take 2. The two complications we had was no lock on the zipper so as you started it would tend to unzip behind your progress. After the second time we put a little pinch clamp on it. Thanks for the follow up emails.

Cheers,Jared Sydney, AUS David, I was able to install my new Z3 window today and it went very well thanks to all the info you sent. It looks great. Thanks!!
Darren Perry, GA

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