BMW OEM Wheel Center Hub Cap E31 E34 E36 E38 E39 Z3 for Sale

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Item Description: New Original OEM BMW One Wheel Center Cap. This wheel center cap is for 17" or 18" BBS or Cross-Spoke Composite wheels.


It fits the following models:

3 series from 1992 to 1998 - E36
5 series from 1988 to 2003 - E34 & E39
7 series from 1994 to 2001 - E38
8 series from 1991 to 1997 - E31

Part Number: 36 13 1 181 068

The compatibility depends on the wheel style and diameter. If you are not sure, please contact us before purchase.

Please keep in mind that if you have non-original wheels, this cap will not fit.

Please compare your wheel to picture below for the compatibility.

For more wheel cap, Please visit our store.

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Fits the following models:

Convertible E36 328i 1994-1999

Convertible E36 318i 1995-1999

Convertible E36 325i 1994-1995

Convertible E36 318i 1994-1996

Convertible E36 323i 1997-1999

Coupe E36 318is 1995-1999

Coupe E36 323i 1997-1999

Coupe E36 325is 1992-1995

Coupe E31 840Ci 1995-1997

Coupe E36 318is 1992-1995

Coupe E31 850CSi 1994-1995

Coupe E31 850Ci 1989-1994

Coupe E31 850Ci 1995-1997

Coupe E36 328i 1994-1999

Coupe E31 840i 1984-1995

Roadster Z3 Z3 1.9 1996-1998

Sedan E34 530i 1994-1995

Sedan E34 535i 1989-1993

Sedan E39 528i 1997-2000

Sedan E39 530i 2001-2003

Sedan E39 540i 1997-2003

Sedan E34 525i 1991-1995

Sedan E36 318i 1995-1998

Sedan E36 320i 1992-1995

Sedan E38 740i 1996-2001

Sedan E38 740iL 1995-1995

Sedan E34 540i 1994-1995

Sedan E38 750iL 1999-2001

Sedan E38 750iLP 1999-2001

Sedan E36 325i 1992-1995

Sedan E38 740iLP 1999-2001

Sedan E39 525i 2001-2003

Sedan E36 318i 1992-1995

Sedan E36 328i 1995-1998

Sedan E38 740i 1995-1995

Sedan E38 740iL 1996-2001

Sedan E38 750iL 1995-1998

Sedan E39 540iP 1998-2001

Wagon E39 525i 2001-2003

Wagon E39 528i 1999-2000

Wagon E39 540i 1999-2003

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