BMW N62 V-8 Coolant Transfer Pipe Repair System IT WORKS OR YOUR MONEY BACK for Sale

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The patentedBimmerFix Coolant Pipe Repair System is a fast and less expensive way to repair a Coolant Transfer Pipe leak in a BMW N62 engine. This popular V8 enginewas usedin BMW'sflagship735i, 740i745i, 750i & Li series.The N62was also used inthe sporty BMW645Ci, 650i, as well as the 540i, 545i, 550i and the BMW X5 SUV.


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The Front Seal on this Coolant Transfer Pipe can fail in as little as 40,000 miles. The repair on this internal engine seal requires many hours of labor and can cost THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS!!!

A leakingFront Seal on a Coolant Transfer Pipe of the BMW V-8 N62 engine is acommon problem that is very expensive to repair.When BMW originally built the N62 engine at the factory, the Coolant Transfer Pipe (part # 11 14 1 439 975) was installed through the front of the engine block,before the installation of the Timing Chain Cover. However, once the engine is installedin the vehicle, it is very expensive to remove the Timing Chain Cover,in order to be able toinstall a newfactory madeBMW Coolant Transfer Pipethrough the front of the engine.

A newmethod has developed, which involves accessing the Coolant Transfer Pipe by removing the Intake Manifold.Once the Intake Manifold has been removed, then the old Coolant Transfer Pipe can be cut-out of the inside of the engine block, and a new"EXPANDABLECOOLANT TRANSFER PIPE"is installed in it's place. There are several companies who manufacture these Expandable Coolant Transfer Pipes. This is the most commonly used method of repairing a leaking Coolant Transfer Pipe because it is cheaper and fasterto remove the Intake Manifold, than the originalfactory method of removing the Timing Chain problem with both of these methods is that the Front Seal on both the factory installed Coolant Transfer Pipe,and theafter-market "Expandable Transfer Pipe"could eventually LEAK AT THE SAME PLACE AGAIN in the future. The BimmerFix Stent offers a MORE DURABLE METHOD of repairing a leaking Front Seal on a Coolant Transfer Pipe, that is also much less expensive to install. The seal created by the BimmerFix Stent is more durable because it is made of high-strength aluminum alloy that is made of a similar alloy as the BMW engine. The BimmerFix Stentactually provides a METAL LINER and bonds to the Coolant Transferand Timing Chain Cover,usingthespecial high-temp BimmerFix Coolant Pipe Sealant. This Sealant is able to be continuously immersed in antifreeze, and can withstand temperatures up to 500 degrees Celsius. . The labor to install the BimmerFix Stent isonlyone hour more shop time than is required to replace the Water Pump. In fact, we recommend thata newWater Pump be installedwhen installingthe BimmerFix Stent. And, vise-versa, we recommend that a BimmerFix Stent is installedin a vehicle when the Water Pump is being replaced. This is an inexpensive preventative measure which couldhelp to prevent future failure of the Front Seal of the Coolant Transfer Pipe.


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~~I made the repair approx. 5 weeks ago. The product arrived quickly.... great seller. The product and instructions were exact. The only issue I had was the coolant pipe in my car seemed to be misaligned, I had to carefully use a half round fine file on the bottom half of the pipe. I have been driving the car daily and it is working perfectly. I would highly recommend this product. I just bought the car and I was a little upset to find this problem a month later so Thank You for a job well done. By the way my car is a 2006 750li with 180,000 miles and I did use the conditioner. Thank you again Michael Sweet

~~Just wanted to thank you on your product, saved me $1000's. Highly Recommend it. Jeff actually took the time on the phone to explain the process and very willing to walk you through the process. Thank you Luis Gomez

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