BMW M Roadster M Coupe Genuine Fender Grilles Primed for Sale

Price: $450

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You are looking at a brand newgenuine pair of primedBMWM Roadster FenderGrille Ventsfor an MRoadster or Coupe'. Now, naturally, if you have an M Roadster or M Coupe, then you're probably not looking for this product. You're likely looking at if you have a Z3. This package includes two brand new primed for painting grilles with a pair of M Emblems. All come in original BMW packaging. We also offer these pairs in prepainted fashion as well. Please check our store for that if you'd prefer it.

If you like the look of this upgrade, but would like to check out some other options for this portion of your vehicle whichyou can find by clicking on the link to our store below and then going to the "Z3 and Z4 Accessories" category on the lefthand side.

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