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BMW E34 M5 OEM 17 STAGGERED POLISHED Style-21 Wheels E31 850CSI E28 E23 E30 M3 for Sale

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BMW E34 M5 OEM 17 STAGGERED POLISHED Style-21 Wheels E31 850CSI E28 E23 E30 M3

Price: $1,625

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BMWStyle-21 (2-Section) Staggered 17x8 & 17x9 Wheels

Complete set of 4 Genuine BMW Style-21 (2-section) Staggered Polished Wheels In Mint-Condition. As most of you know Staggered Style-21 Wheels are Extremely hard to find and was only available in European Market BMW and Finding a set with Polishedfactory Lips are evenharder, making thisset RIDICULOUSLY HARD TO FIND.

* All 4 wheels were Professionally done by IMC (The best Wheel shop in Texas, their work is an Art and they usually work on high-end cars) (IMCDoesnotwork on any thing but less then perfect wheel)* All 4 wheels were in good condition before they were
refurbish, No Bent or crack or etc... * IMC professionally disassembled and overhauled each wheel. * Removing of the Center Section with correct tools. * Removing the old finish with some expensive Aircraft Paint Remover to bare
metal.(Most Wheel shops sand-blast or paint over the excessing finish) * Black finish on the inside and the face of the wheels just as they come from BMW.

* 20 Brand New Original BMW 12 point Screws that hold the Star Covers to the Wheels

* Mirror Finish Polished Lips was professionally done for $800 each wheels took more 12 hours of polishing.* 4x Original Center Caps, all caps with good brackets and Prongs intact. * Style-21 Covers have been discontinue for many years now and you no longer can order them through BMW. I have use Large option pictures to demonstrate the quality of these wheels so please take advantage of it. Wheels are made by BMW. all 4 wheels have BMW Stamp and Part# .

Fronts:Size: 8JX17

Bolt Pattern: 5x120

Offset: ET:20

Part# 36112227743

Made in Germany


Size: 9Jx17

Bolt Pattern: ET:22

Part# 36112227744

Made in GermanyThis set will fit most 5 lugs BMW including E34 E36 E32 E28 E30 M3E31 E12 E32 E36 E46 M3 Z3 M5 and many more. INTERNATIONAL BUYER CAN EMAIL WITH THEIR ADDRESS FOR EXACT POSTAGE.

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