BMW DUAL VANOS O-Ring Seal Repair Kit E36 E39 E46 E53 E60 E83 E85 M52tu M54 M56 for Sale

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Set of Dual Vanos Oil Seals (10 total / 2 sets of 5 seals Viton & Teflon)
* * * You will not find better seals on the market, this is guaranteed! * * *
Don't buy from others, these are the best.
These are a major upgrade from the OEM Buna Seals(Free 1st Class Mail Shipping in USA)Designed specifically for the M52tu, M54 and M56 engines 6-cyl engines
(Years 1998-2006)3-series:
E36 Z3 1998-2002 &E46 1998-2005

E39 1990-2003 & E60/E61 2002-2005

E38 1998-2001 & E65/E66 2002-2005Z4 E85 2002-2005 // X3 E83 2003-2006 // X5 E53 2000-2006Comes with the following:
(2) larger Viton o-rings with (2) outer Teflon rings
(2) medium Viton o-rings with (2) outer Teflon rings
(2) smaller Viton o-rings Precision manufactured replacement O-Rings to repair the lost torque and power that comes from the
OEM manufactured O-Rings which are inferior to the replacement O-Rings offered in this kit was sell. The OEM O-Rings can experience premature failure in some cases as early as 10,000 miles. At 100,000 miles those O-Rings are deteriorated to a point that the Repair Kit will provide increased power and torque.
The cost of this Repair Kit is worth the price alone for the benefits it provides. It is recommended that you should also replace your valve cover gasket which also comes with the replacement gaskets
for your spark plug well gaskets. Problems normally experienced: Loss of power and torque below 3,000 RPM and or when the A/C is turned on. Possible engine bogging down and then surging to 3,000 RPM. Engine hesitation and uneven power throughout the RPM range under 3,000 RPM. MPG decreased, and vehicle takeoffs are difficult. Louder than normal idles and engine misses.
Installing the Repair Kit benefits: Revitalization of the engine with the return of increased power and torque especially in the lower end RPM range under 3,000 RPM. No more engine hesitations under 3,000 RPM.
Smooth idle returns and no more engine misses or hiccups. Takeoffs are now nice and smooth and crisp. Regain original torque and power that was previously lost when the A/C was turned on. Power and torque distribution is now evenly spread out across the RPM range.
If you see a P1519 error in your OBD computer this is more than likely your issue, but normally you won't see any error show up at all with the Vanos seals.
Note for install: When installing the outer flat Teflon o-rings, you might need to soak the Teflon rings in slightly warm water to allow the Teflon ring to stretch enough to fit over the piston and into the groove. (Please do not overstretch the Teflon o-ring, but apply just enough to slide it into place.)
If there is loss of oil from the system, make sure you check your oil level via your dipstick. Always top off the system with any oil if necessary after finishing the procedure. After initial repair the engine might have some minor issues which are normally caused by air in the Vanos. This should clear up shortly when the engine is able to force the air out. Break-in of the new o-rings will take 100-300 miles of city driving, or highway driving with enough shifting to mimic city driving.


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