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CRTD4® TWIN Channel Digital Diesel Tuning Box System - with Boost Control

Key features:

  • Up to 40% Safe Power and Torque Gains
  • Up to 20% Improved Fuel Efficiency Gains
  • Turbo Boost Control reduces turbo lag
  • 7 Vehicle Maps Specifically programmed for your exact vehicle
  • External Push Button Map Selection Feature
  • Traceless Once Removed
  • Start/Stop Compatible
  • Cold Start Protection
  • Greater Throttle Response
  • Removal of Hesitation and Flat Spots
  • Re-programmable for your next vehicle
  • Automatic and Semi-automatic Compatible
  • DPF, ECU and EGR safe
  • Reduces Engine CO2 Emissions
  • Dyno Measured and Proven Results
  • Easy Straight Forward Installation
  • No Quibble 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 3 Year Product Warranty

How do our Tuning Boxes Work?

Our tuning boxes work by typically connecting to the engines fuel injection system. We use Original connectors so they plug straight in easily and quickly. All modern diesel engines run under power to satisfy the manufacturer’s wide range of tolerances. This enables us to unleash the extra power your engine is capable of in a safe manner. Our systems work with the engines ECU to fuel the engine more efficiently, thus producing more power, torque and save fuel whilst doing it!

For domestic vehicle owners, the CRTD4® Twin-Channel represents great value with its seven operation mode settings which allows owners to adjust power and torque output between maximum economy and maximum power, perfect for switching between everyday driving and long-haul trips. Our CRTD4® range of products can also be reprogrammed for use in over 90% of other turbo Diesel and Petrol vehicles, meaning you can change your vehicle often as you want safe in the knowledge your CRTD4® can be used again.

What is the CRTD4® TWIN Channel?

TheCRTD4® Twin-Channel Tuning system, for Petrol and Diesel vehicles, is at the cutting edge of digital tuning box technology and represents a revolution in vehicle remapping. With custom designed and engineered micro-processor architecture the CRTD4® remaps vehicle performance moment to moment based on data received via the engine sensor interface harness. The engine fuelling profile of the vehicle is then altered to improve power and torque delivery whilst eliminating flat spots in individual gear acceleration arcs, creating a smoother and more responsive drive experience. In addition to additional Power and Torque our Twin-Channel model also remaps Turbo delivery by having it activate earlier in the rpm range and acceleration smoother, more greatly improved.

Why also Control Boost?

Single channel tuning systems only control fuelling. Although this process is still extremely effective, many modern vehicles require greater control in order to achieve greater performance and fuel efficiency results. By monitoring and controlling boost and fuel parameters, we can achieve better performance and fuel efficiency results. In many cases, we can achieve a further 5 KW and 0.2L/100Km when compared to the single channel systems.

CRTD4® TWIN Channel is programmed like a Remap.

The CRTD4® TWIN Channel is essentially a supplementary engine control unit (ECU) which sits in-line with your current ECU in order to ensure that both work in harmony. Similar to your ECU, the CRTD4® TWIN Channel can be updated and reprogrammed should you decide to change your vehicle in the future. Packed with features, some of which have been reserved for vehicles of the future, the CRTD4® TWIN Channel will remain industry leading for years to come. When we program the CRTD4® TWIN Channel, we change similar parameters to those which are altered when an ECU is permanently modified. However, unlike an ECU remap, the CRTD4® TWIN Channel can be removed and the vehicle will immediately revert back to factory standard. The CRTD4® TWIN Channel is simple to plug in. Simply follow the detailed instructions provided with your tuning system in order to complete installation. The diagram below shows how the CRTD4® TWIN Channel attaches to your engine. All of our tuning systems are manufactured with genuine original manufacture connectors which are identical to those already used on your vehicle.


Is the TDI-Tuning box better than a serial port ECU remap?
Yes. Our systems can be self installed, easily adjusted, removed and transferred and unlike a remap they cannot be detected or deleted during routine servicing.

Does our tuning system really make a difference?
Yes. An immediate increase in both torque and power is noticeable with the TDI-Tuning system fitted. You will appreciate the improved throttle response and overall driveability.

What will I receive from Diesel Chip Tuning?
All our systems come in padded packaging to prevent transit damage. You'll receive the correct, fully adjusted, tuning box for your vehicle along with the wiring loom to fit your vehicle. The package also contains full English installation instructions and cable ties for that professional look.

Defective Item:
If a unit is found to be faulty within the first 30 days of purchase a new unit will be issued or a full refund minus postage costs will be given.

Incorrect Item:
If we send you an incorrect item please let us know within 7 days and we can arrange for the correct item to be sent out to you.

response Policy:
We will leave positive response for you as soon as we know you're happy with your purchase and have left response showing this. If you have any concerns please contact us before leaving response and we'll be pleased to assist you.

Satisfaction Policy:
If within the first 30 days you decide not to keep the tuning system please contact us for a returns form. We do not charge a re-stocking fee but we will deduct the postage costs we have incurred in posting the system to you. Goods must be returned in the same conditioned as received to avoid only a partial refund being issued. When returning goods only use parcel carriers who are able to track products when in transit (i.e. Express Post or Registered Post Delivery) as we cannot be held responsible for goods lost in transit.

Terms and Conditions of the Sale

TDI-Tuning products are designed to increase the performance of your vehicle through increased acceleration,power and torque. Once the Tuning box has been installed in your vehicle, the driver is entirely and ultimately responsible for the increased power and speed acquired, so we remind you that responsible driving is essential in order not to endanger yourself and/or others. Your vehicle may receive some additional wear and tear through increased performance i.e. from additional brake usage. Therefore, you should monitor the condition of your vehicle on an ongoing basis. You are responsible for making sure that your vehicle is road worthy and complies with current motoring legislation. Once the product has been fitted Diesel Chip Tuning Pty Ltd will only accept responsibility for the value of the TDI-Tuning product, sequently any further costs will remain the owner’s responsibility. At this point we would like to emphasize that the Tuning products that Diesel Chip Tuning provide its customers have had no detrimental effects to any engines or vehicles once installed. By installing and or using this product, you agree to the terms and conditions of use as stated above.

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